T&A Mechanical Services Google Ads Case Study

How can increasing your Google Ads conversion rate by 271% help your business? Well, for T&A Mechanical in Dubbo, it helped them bring on 4 additional workers, buy specialised equipment and build their own purpose-built workshop. Find out how we did it…

Before Localsearch…

Five years ago, T&A Mechanical was primarily a mobile mechanic service. While they had a small, loyal client base who spread the word about their great quality work and affordable prices, their leased shed saw minimal business.

Trent West, owner, manager and head mechanic at T&A Mechanical, knew while he had 15 years of experience under the hood, he knew nothing about how to market his business effectively.

At that point, they had no digital or print marketing and didn’t know how to get started. On learning T&A Mechanical’s frustrations, another local business recommended Localsearch to help get them online.

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Problem 1

When we say they had no marketing, we mean no marketing; no social media, no newspaper ads, no free online listings and definitely no website. They relied solely on word of mouth.

This may be a great strategy for a small town, but in Dubbo, where the population is 39,000 and rising, you need a competitive edge—one which other local mechanics were already wielding. A quick online search brings up more than 15 mechanics in the Dubbo area.

With so many choices, browsers would most likely go for one of the first in the queue. So, how did we get a business, who had never even seen their name online, in the top rankings?

The Solution

Our local representative set T&A Mechanical up with a package including both print and online core advertising. To give them an instant advantage on their competition, we gave them top priority position in the motor mechanic category in Dubbo on our Localsearch website.

case study t&a mechanical

The Results

With a number one Google ranking for motor mechanics in Dubbo, T&A Mechanical’s online presence instantly grew. They were receiving phone calls from people other than their loyal regulars. Their once almost vacant shed was now so busy, they had to set up a larger workshop to meet their workload. It was time to take their digital marketing to the next level.

Problem 2

Seeing what marketing online could do for their business, T&A Mechanical were ready to take it further. Our team of content writers, SEO specialists, designers and developers got to work custom building a website to highlight their honest, cost-effective services.

The Results

With the extra income achieved by growing their online presence, T&A Mechanical have been able to purchase a wheel alignment machine and expand their team to include 4 full-time workers.

Trent’s wife, Alicia, who only worked nights before the influx of work, was brought on full-time to manage the office and accounts side of the business. More recently, they bought a $100,000 dyno machine, with the goal of providing dyno, diesel and high-performance tuning.

“Being with Localsearch cuts down on any kind of back and forth by making sure that all of the information is there from the very start. There’s a clear record, and it’s much easier to track through to completion.”

Jane Smith – Co-founder of T& Mechanical

To promote their expanded services, we have since launched a Google Ads campaign on the 28th May, 2018 (to date), tracking their enquiry form and phone calls via our call tracking platform. So far, we have had a 9.52% conversion rate within their services campaign which, over the limited time the AdWords has been running, has improved from 2.56% – an overall improvement of 271%.

Better still, their business has thrived so much, Trent and Alicia have purchased a block of land and are building their very own workshop.

By trusting our digital marketing experts at Localsearch, T&A Mechanical have been able to transform their struggling business into a steady and ever-growing company in less than 5 years.

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