Standing Out in a Crowded Market with Local Business Marketing

Reaching new customers in a competitive location can be difficult, especially without an optimised digital presence. Find out how we worked with Dental Haus over the last 12 months to achieve great results, including 300+ Google Ads conversions.

About Dental Haus

Industry: Dentistry

Location: Palm Beach

Dental Haus is a female led practice in Palm Beach that prioritises world-class dental care and positive patient experiences. The clinic aims to make dentistry available and accessible to the whole community, so every family has the opportunity to achieve the smile they desire.

To help make this possible, Dental Haus accepts all health funds and reserves time in their business hours for emergency dental problems.

Dr Rhea Allsopp, owner of Dental Haus, is also a General Dentist at the practice. Her personal drive and passion for dentistry allows her to help her clients be the happiest and most confident versions of themselves.

She is committed to ensuring people feel comfortable in what can be an unfamiliar environment, providing genuine care, empathy and advice so patients can move forward with their absolute best smile.

The dental clinic continues to experience impressive growth as more of the community recognise Dental Haus’s core values of respect, care and quality treatment.

Dental Haus Waiting Room

The Challenge of Being a Dental Clinic in Palm Beach

Dental Haus is located in a highly competitive area, with more than 14,000,000 Google Search results for dentists in Palm Beach.

To compete with hundreds of rival dental clinics, Dental Haus needed to be seen online by more customers – not an easy task to manage on their own.

Due to these challenges, growing their digital presence and ranking highly on Google was incredibly important to Dr Rhea, so she enlisted the help of Localsearch last year.

How Localsearch Created a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy for Dental Haus

Step one: Build a new website.

In 2022, Dental Haus enlisted the help of Localsearch to build them a Premium 25-Page Website. The brief was to ensure the new website was influenced by the existing website content, keeping with their current brand colours.

They were also looking to accurately convey all their service areas and include well-written content with meaningful images to highlight the clinics personalised care.

The Website Checklist:

  • Use content from existing website as the basis for new website.
  • Migrate blog content from existing website.
  • Encourage leads by placing contact forms on multiple pages.
  • Ensure the website design features the brand colours, black, rose gold and white.
  • Use high-quality, optimised images to add meaning to the text.
  • Include well-written content for enhanced user experience.
  • Super-fast load time to comply with Google’s best practices for user experience.
New Dental Haus Website

Step two: Optimise for organic search traffic.

Once Dental Haus’s new website was built, they utilised Localsearch’s search engine optimisation (SEO) services to increase visibility in relevant search results.

To start off, a thorough keyword and competitor analysis was undertaken. This allowed our team to select the keywords that are most likely to drive traffic and conversions and embed them within the content strategy on their website. As a result, an impressive 60% of Dental Haus’s website traffic now comes from organic search.

As Google algorithms can change thousands of times a year, the website is constantly being updated by our team to ensure Dental Haus remains on the first page of Google.

Additionally, to get the dental clinic in front of more locals, the business’s Google Business Profile was optimised with NAP (Name, address and phone number), trading hours, features and more.

Step three: Create digital campaign.

As Palm Beach is a highly competitive area for dental clinics, Dental Haus wanted to start generating leads from the get-go with a Localsearch search engine marketing (SEM) campaign.

To give Dental Haus the best possible short and long-term results, the team ensured the SEO and SEM campaigns ran in-sync with one another.

Through the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising method, Dental Haus’s allocated budget was utilised in the most cost-efficient way.

Our search engine marketing specialists analysed the data to find relevant keywords and optimised the ad account, so the likelihood of winning bids improved. This made it possible for Dental Haus to zone on their ideal customers when they needed dental care the most, increasing Google Ads conversions to 324 in the last 12 months!

The Results

Despite operating in a highly competitive location, Dental Haus has achieved significant growth with the help of digital marketing. With Localsearch For Business, the team at Dental Haus has been able to track the performance of their campaigns with ease. 

“Localsearch has taken our digital marketing to the next level with a new website that ranks on the first page of Google.”

Doctor Rhea Allsopp – Dental Haus Owner

From 25 September 2022 – 24 September 2023:

  • 5.85 keyword average position.
  • 665K organic search impressions.
  • 18K website page views.
  • 7K new website users.
  • 391 Google Ads conversions.
  • 34K Google Ads impressions.

Looking for someone to take the stress out of growing your online presence?

Contact us to request a free quote from a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist! 

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