Social Ads Campaign Helps Geoghegan Motors Generate New Leads

As most car buyers conduct research online before visiting a dealership, Geoghegan Motors reached out to Localsearch looking to gain more online exposure. Find out how we worked with them to create a Social Ads Campaign that generated an exceptional number of new leads.

About Geoghegan Motors

Industry: Car Dealership

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Geoghegan Motors is a locally owned and operated car dealership on the Gold Coast. Whether you are looking to purchase, sell or even put your car on consignment, they have got you covered.

As a family business, Geoghegan Motors understands the importance of getting a great deal without having to compromise on quality. The business is highly trusted throughout the Sunshine State, buying late-model cars from customers right across Queensland for the past ten years.

On top of their impressive industry experience, Geoghegan Motors is passionate about going the extra mile for their customers!

Happy Customer at Geoghegan Motors

The Challenge of Being a Car Dealership on the Gold Coast

When searching for ‘car dealership Gold Coast’ on Google, over 20 million results are shown (as of July 2023).

As the car dealership industry is highly competitive, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out without a strong online presence. Not to mention, most car buyers conduct extensive research online before visiting a dealership.

Due to these circumstances, Corey the owner of Geoghegan Motors, reached out to Localsearch in 2020 looking to gain more online exposure.

How Localsearch Created a Strong Social Ads Campaign for Geoghegan Motors

Step 1: Establish Campaign Goals

At Localsearch, we take pride in getting to know the business we are working with to determine how we can best help them achieve success.

After discussing potential strategies with a local Digital Marketing Specialist, Corey was happy to move forward with a Social Ads Campaign for Geoghegan Motors.

The Account Manager assigned to Geoghegan Motors began working with Corey to establish specific campaign goals and conduct key market research.

Corey’s main goal for the campaign was to find more cars to list at Geoghegan Motors. While he was happy to welcome all quality, second-hand cars, he also wanted to focus on finding 4×4 vehicles.

Step 2: Connect Meta Business Manager

As Geoghegan Motors already had an existing Facebook Business Page, the next step was to set up a Meta Business Manager account for the business.

Meta Business Manager helps advertisers integrate marketing efforts across their business and with external partners, like Localsearch. We use this platform to run ads and monitor results for our customers.

To ensure our team would be connected to Geoghegan Motors’ new Meta Business Manager account, we were first allowed access to their Facebook Business Page. This process enabled our Social Media Specialists to begin crafting targeted ads for Geoghegan Motors on Facebook.

Step 3: Create Campaign

After establishing the campaign goals, conducting market research and setting up Meta Business Manager, our team was able to start creating the Social Ads Campaign for Geoghegan Motors.

The main benefit of advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach and engage a highly targeted audience. Unlike traditional advertising methods, social media allows our team to deliver messages directly to specific demographics, interests, behaviours, and locations in a cost-effective manner.

For Geoghegan Motors, our Social Media Specialists targeted people aged 25 or older, within a 25km radius of the Gold Coast. To meet Corey’s campaign goals, two ads were created to run on Facebook within the target audience. The first ad focused on all second-hand vehicles, while the second ad focused specifically on 4×4 vehicles.

Finally, the campaign went through quality assurance to confirm the ads would perform as expected. Once it passed all checks, Corey was able to make any final changes before approving the ad to go live.

Example of Geoghegan Motors Facebook Ads

The Results

Over the past few years, Geoghegan Motors have been utilising social media marketing to boost their online presence.

This strategy has allowed our team to target the most relevant audience, leading to higher conversion rates and a better return on investment for the business. The most recent campaign for Geoghegan Motors has achieved exceptional results, let’s have a look!

From November 2022 – July 2023:

  • 78,027 Reach – The number of accounts that saw the ads at least once.

The reach demonstrates the huge number of accounts that have been exposed to Geoghegan Motors’ message during the ad campaign. Even if these people didn’t engage with the ads at first glance, they are now more likely to engage with Geoghegan Motors in the future.

  • 4742 ClicksThe number of times the ads were clicked. 

The clicks metric includes all link clicks, post likes, comments or shares, clicks to the Facebook Page and clicks to expand the photo to full screen. These results indicate that the ads for Geoghegan Motors captured the attention of the target audience effectively.

  • 471 Leads – The number of people who clicked the link and filled out a form. 

This number of leads is exceptional for a small business using Facebook Ads! It reveals a significant number of people submitted a form to Geoghegan Motors with their details and a potential car to sell, creating 471 conversion opportunities for the business to capitalise on.

Looking for someone to take the stress out of growing your online presence?

Request a free quote from a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist! Call 1300 360 867 or request a digital marketing quote online.

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