O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg Increase Inbound Calls by 19% in 90 Days with Localsearch

When O'Brien Electrical Bundaberg enlisted the help of Localsearch in May 2021, they were a small family business. Now, only a few months later, they have increased their business and expanded to a team of 6. Find out how they did it with the help of Localsearch.

About O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg 

O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg is owned and run by a husband-and-wife team, Benjamin and Chloe McIntosh, who since purchasing the business in 2019, have been finalists in the 2021 Master Electrician of the Year Excellence Awards. Operating as an O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Member in Bundaberg, they provide general electrical services, as well as solar, smoke detection and underground services.

Since taking over the business in 2019, the O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg team have grown to a team of more than 6 staff and have been able to take on apprentices. Benjamin and Chloe’s son, Luka, can also be seen on their social media as the company mascot and lighting up the days of those in the team’s office. It’s their growing family that lead Benjamin and Chloe to reach out to Localsearch to take on some of the burden of growing their successful Bundaberg electrical business online.

From O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg…  

“…Before reaching out to you guys [Localsearch], I was doing all the work managing the Google page [Google My Business], our website etc. Now, since you guys have taken over that from me, it has given me a lot more freedom to focus on other aspects of the company, and I have more time to spend with my family.”  

— Chloe McIntosh, Owner O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg


1. Increase the number of phone call leads.  

When O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg started with Localsearch in May 2021, their primary goal, like any business, was to increase leads. While they were a thriving O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Member, finding localised leads was proving a challenge with the high volume of competition in the Bundaberg region. This meant they were spending more time searching for local customers than servicing them.  

2. Get more eyes on their website.  

O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg told our Localsearch team they wanted to drive more traffic to their website as they felt their website gave the best picture of who they were as a business. With an extensive list of services offered, getting eyes on their website ensured customers understand the full scope of their offerings. It was also important to ensure their website was linked on all mediums possible, including their Google My Business profile.   

3. Expand their team and have more time for family.  

Beginning as a small family business, the O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg team dreamt of being able to expand their team. A larger team would allow business owners Chloe and Benjamin to spend more time with their young family, while still being hands on within the business. This also included finding a digital marketing service they can trust to grow their business while they focus on their family and running their business. 

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The Solution 

1. Utilise Google My Business to reach Bundaberg Google users looking for electrical services. 

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool for businesses looking to market to a specific region. It helps grow businesses by putting them in front of local Google users searching for their business, products and/or services on Google Maps, the Google Local Pack and in the Google Knowledge Panel. In turn, this can help generate leads for the business very affordably.  

This is why Google My Business was an obvious choice for O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg. As one of the first two Google My Business Partners in Australia and O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Member’s preferred digital marketing provider, they knew Localsearch could help them use the product to achieve their goals. 

2. Optimise their Google My Business profile to stand out from other Bundaberg electricians. 

One of the main problems for O’Brien Plumbing Bundaberg is the number of electricians in the region. As of 17 August 2021, there are 104,000 results on Google for Bundaberg electricians. To stand out requires providing everything the user needs then and there.

The optimisation process for their profile included:

  • Ensuring uniform and complete information as their other online presence.
  • Increasing the number of reviews.
  • Utilising existing and new features on the platform.
  • Regularly posting optimised content.

And more.

With regular check-ins with their dedicated Localsearch account manager, they can also know their information is always up-to-date and optimised to their current services and promotions.

3. Funnel the Google My Business for leads and website clicks. 

While some marketing is ideal for branding purposes, other platforms are ideal for lead generation and website views. Google My Business works for both, when used correctly.

For Google My Business to generate leads, the user must immediately be able to see you:

  • Provide the service or product they need.
  • Can service or are located where they are.
  • Are open when they need the service.
  • Have a good reputation.

You must also be easy to contact. By optimising O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg’s GMB, we have been able to achieve the results below, meeting their original goal.

4. Provide reporting for full transparency. 

As a new client of Localsearch, it was important for O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg to be able to measure the results we produce. With our monthly reports and 24/7 Google My Business dashboard, Benjamin and Chloe can see at any time the number of leads being generated by our Localsearch Google My Business specialists. This gives them peace of mind to be able to focus on other areas of their business and spend time with their business without stressing over if their digital marketing is actually producing results.

Luka McIntosh
Luka McIntosh


With the help of Localsearch’s Google My Business specialists O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg were able to achieve the following results within 90 days:

  • Inbound calls increased by 19%.
  • Website clicks up 24%.
  • Google My Business profile views increased by 36%.

In addition to these results, 83% of all visits to their Google My Business were a result of a Google user searching for electrical services in Bundaberg.

The business has seen a notable increase in calls and enquiries to their business, helping them move onto new goals, like further growing their team.

Are you an O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Member?  

As the preferred digital marketing provider for O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Members, we would love to help you too. Reach out to our team now for your free business needs analysis and quote.

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