Discount Driving School’s Journey to 30% More Customers 

Discover how Discount Driving School transformed its online presence and skyrocketed bookings with the help of Localsearch. Explore the strategic marketing solutions that led to remarkable results.

Meet Discount Driving School

Discount Driving School, founded by Peter Wright, has been teaching in South East Queensland for almost two decades. Peter’s dedication to teaching and creating a comfortable learning environment has made his school a top choice for learners in Brisbane, Ipswich, Forest Lake, and Springfield Lakes. 

Project Brief 

Peter recognised the need to improve Discount Driving School’s online presence to attract more students while preserving its reputation for excellence. Frustrated by past setbacks, especially with an underperforming website from their previous provider despite significant investment, Peter turned to Localsearch. 

The Objective

The primary goal was to boost Discount Driving School’s online visibility and increase bookings. Peter was eager for a fresh approach, seeking to broaden Discount Driving School’s audience through effective marketing solutions while maintaining its renowned service standard.

The Strategy

Clint, Peter’s local specialist, understood his frustrations and was committed to helping him succeed. After meeting in person, they identified the issues with the website and developed a plan to address them. Additionally, other strategies were put in place, including creating location pages and implementing online advertising. They aimed to enhance visibility and attract more potential customers.

“After witnessing Peter’s unwavering commitment to promoting road safety, coupled with his business’s limited digital presence, I knew I could help drive better business outcomes. We honed Discount Driving School’s strategy, transforming their website into a powerful asset. As the website gained organic traction, our focus shifted to optimising location pages and implementing targeted local advertising. The outcome was truly remarkable—Peter’s schedule is now consistently booked.”

Clint Walton | Digital Marketing Specialist

The Results

Discount Driving School’s online performance improved significantly over the past year:

  • Impressions increased by 39K
  • Conversions increased by 37%
  • Conversion rate increased by 21%

“Teaching people to drive well is rewarding; I love what I do. My business has scaled since partnering with Localsearch, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

Peter Wright | Owner Discount Driving School

Peter’s passion for teaching and improving the lives of locals was evident, and Clint wanted to support that mission. Now, Peter’s schedule is consistently full, thanks to Clint’s expertise and focused marketing efforts. Discount Driving School has experienced significant growth in both visibility and conversions.

Looking to grow your business? Contact us directly to find out how Localsearch’s local marketing solutions can help you.

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