140% Increase in Leads: Bangalow Barber Shop  

Discover how creating a Localsearch Business Profile has helped Bangalow Barber Shop improve their digital presence, generate more leads and effectively reach tourists in the area.

About Bangalow Barber Shop

If you’re looking for an authentic old-world barbering experience, look no further than Bangalow Barber Shop! This classic barber shop offers a friendly environment for boys and men to sit back and enjoy time-honoured traditions like slick classic cuts and straight razor shaves.

With 49 years of combined experience, their barbers are in a league of their own. The small business also has a variety of high-quality grooming products, such as shaving sets and vintage flasks. Not to mention, all services include a complimentary beer or whisky to complete your visit.

Bangalow Barber Shop prides itself on providing its customers with an experience that goes beyond a haircut.

Key Challenges Faced by Bangalow Barber Shop 

1. Low visibility on Google.

Bangalow Barber started out as a local barber shop that relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing. However, as more and more customers turned to the internet to find products and services, the shop’s lack of online visibility became a key challenge.

2. Lack of time and resources.

Running a small business involves juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, leaving limited time and resources to dedicate to marketing efforts. Therefore, Bangalow Barber found maintaining an active digital presence to be challenging.

3. Being found by locals.

In today’s digital age, ensuring potential customers can easily locate a business online is crucial for visibility and growth. Bangalow Barber Shop lacked a strong digital presence, making it difficult for customers, especially tourists in the area, to find their business online.

To overcome these challenges, Bangalow Barber sought out new ways to grow their business and reach more customers online. After coming across Localsearch Digital Marketing Service, Bangalow Barber decided to take the first step toward growing their business online with a free Localsearch Business Profile. This platform makes it easy for potential customers to find their business, saving them the hassle of dealing with multiple channels of communication.

“Having an online presence is extremely important, especially to reach the holidaymakers that are looking for services in Bangalow and Byron.”

Kobi, Owner of Bangalow Barber Shop

How Localsearch Boosted Bangalow Barber Shops Digital Presence

Step One: Add Business 

The first step toward growing Bangalow Barbers digital presence was adding their business to create a Localsearch Business Profile.

To add their business, Bangalow Barber simply provided their business name, industry, and filled out their contact details. They received a security code via email to confirm their contact details and verify their profile. From here, the barber shop entered the business’s location, trading hours, and provided a list of their products and services.

Having the option to update their information at any time, has allowed the business to manage their profile efficiently and take charge of their digital presence.

Step Two: Complete Profile

To further enhance their visibility on Google and create a positive experience for potential customers, Bangalow Barber completed their profile.

The barber shop attained a Profile Health Score of 100% by providing comprehensive information across all sections, including trading hours, contact details, products, services, payment methods, social media accounts and amenities.

Bangalow Barber also added authentic images to their profile that represent their business to help communicate their brand message and give potential customers a feel for the business.

By completing their profile, Bangalow Barber dramatically improved their reputation among potential customers. This resulted in an incredible 210% increase in profile search views and a 140% increase in leads through their Localsearch Business Profile over the last 180 days.

Step 3: Upgrade Profile

In their commitment to enhance their digital presence, Bangalow Barber upgraded their profile for less than $2 a day. This further boosted the visibility of their Localsearch Business Profile, which increased their chances of being found by locals seeking barber services. 

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), high-quality backlinks are essential. Having a backlink from their Localsearch Business Profile improved the business’s website search engine rankings. In the last 60 days alone, their website has seen a 20% increase in page views! 

“While we have a good street presence, we rely on Localsearch to keep our digital presence strong and attract new customers.”

Kobi, Owner of Bangalow Barber Shop

By creating a Localsearch Business Profile, Bangalow Barber has been able to reach more local customers without the hassle of dealing with multiple channels of communication. They have been able to manage enquiries, reviews and quotes all in one place, ensuring that the business never misses out on a potential lead.

Looking for someone to take the stress out of growing your online presence? Contact us to request a free quote from a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist!

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