Here at Localsearch, we’re all about supporting the local communities around us. We’re passionate about playing an active role in helping you help your local community.

Kids playing with a soccer ball

Little Legends

Kids playing with a soccer ball

Are you part of a junior sporting club and looking for sponsorship?

The Little Legends Program supports any type of junior sporting club, from football teams to swim squads. You’ll receive:

  • Sponsorship funds.
  • A front cover photo shoot of your team, with a premium listing in your local business directory and a customisable profile page for your club.
  • A goodies pack to share with your team.

Community Sponsorship

A full grown tree animation

Are you part of a community group or charity and looking for sponsorship? We provide the following types of support:

  • One-off or in-kind charitable donations.
  • Help with community events and promotion of a local causes.
  • Fundraising assistance for groups and charities. 
A full grown tree animation

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