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Localsearch Social Media Button

Social media is great—but is it local?

localsearch social media sharing

For years, businesses have been adding social media buttons to their websites to connect potential customers with more information about their products and services. However, to find all the information they need, people have to flick from platform to platform, and scroll and click around to find what they’re looking for. If only there was an easier solution…

On your Localsearch business profile, people can find your products and services, trading hours, payment methods, contact information, reviews and more all in a few seconds. And now, you can add the Localsearch button so people can be taken there while they’re browsing on your website. When they’re ready to buy, your contact information and website URL is right there to keep them in the loop.

Localsearch Button Options

A button for every website style.

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Adding your Localsearch button is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Download the button pack below and choose your favourite design.

2. Visit localsearch.com.au and copy your business profile URL. 

3. Add the button file with the URL linked to your header or your footer like any other button.

And you’re done!

Localsearch social media icons

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