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Our Search Engine Marketing Packages

Every Localsearch search engine marketing (SEM) package includes ad spend, call tracking, an account manager, access to our 24/7 tracking dashboard and more. With packages starting from less than $23 a day (+GST) and including ad spend, any business can take advantage of dominating search results.

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Small Business SEM Package

A small budget can mean big results when you have the right SEM specialists setting up your PPC campaign. Our Small Business Package lets you start getting conversions through the door, and grow as your business grows.

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Large Business SEM Package

With our Large Business SEM Package, you receive more target keywords, more ad spend and can really drive traffic to your website in droves. If you have high competition or need a big boost ASAP, ask us about this package.

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Enterprise SEM Package

For businesses with multiple locations, our Enterprise SEM Package will ensure each of your target areas is being reached, with the option to increase or decrease ad spend in some locations to meet your business goals.

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Location Page Add-On

Optimised landing pages will help you get more bang for your buck with your display network ads. Our Location Pages make it easy and affordable to build rather than a complete rebuild.

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Trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

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Maintaining a 35% Conversion Rate for O'Brien Plumbing Wyong with Google Ads

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In 90 days alone, Localsearch was able to bring O’Brien Plumbing Wyong a 35% conversion rate, 150,000+ website impressions, a 59% impressions share and increase top performing keywords in their primary locations.

With results like these, the Central Coast plumbers were able to expand their team to 15, as well as their fleet to include 12 trucks. If you want to experience how life-changing Google advertising can be for growing your business online, click Get Started and request your free quote from a Google Premier Partner today.

The Easy Way to Track Your Results

Nucleus Reporting & Call Tracking Dashboard

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One of the biggest complaints we hear from businesses using Google Ads with another service is not actually knowing if their Google Ads are working for them. With Localsearch, you not only receive monthly reports and access to Nucleus, our 24/7 custom-built reporting dashboard, but you also receive call tracking so you can hear every call your ads generate for your business.

What we find is, our clients can better convert leads we send their way as they can see the results we’re delivering to them and then pinpointing where in their enquiry funnel they’re losing the leads. If you want to start growing your business, not just running ads, get started with a free quote today.

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Why you need Google Ads in 2024.

Top Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

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Reach your target audience instantly.

Once your ad is live on search engines, your ad will start to appear to provide a solution to a user’s search query. It makes search engine marketing campaigns ideal if you need a fast growth for your business.

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Generate leads and website traffic.

If you create campaigns on Google correctly, you can start generating leads and receiving website traffic from pretty much the first day. As time goes on and you optimise your ads, you’ll receive even more results.

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Target by audience, location, time & more.

While search engine optimisation works well long-term, Google determines where and when you’re placed. Paid ads let you zone in on exactly who your ideal customer is at the moment they need you most, increasing conversion opportunities.

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Appear in searches for your competitors.

You can tell Google to put your ads into the ad auction for almost any keyword, including your competitors’ business names. This means if someone searches for them, you could potentially win the customer; with the right wording, of course.

How can search engine marketing grow your business?

Keyword Conversion Breakdown Chart

Imagine you need an emergency plumber for a burst pipe at 3:00am. You don’t exactly have time to trawl through websites to find a plumber who will come to you. But there, at the top of the list of search results on Google is ABC Plumbing who say they are open now for burst pipe emergencies. Bingo!

This is what Google Ads does for your business — it lets you put your business where people are searching for what you do, when they’re searching for what you do. You can tell Google what to show with your ad to entice the user, pinpointing their pain and how you can be the solution.

What we do at Localsearch is take the stress of working out how to do this effectively. Request your free Google Ads quote today.

Keyword Conversion Breakdown Chart
Google Localsearch SEO Services

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Google Localsearch SEO Services

Search engine optimisation (SEO) focuses on your organic (unpaid) presence on search engines, while search engine marketing (SEM) is your paid presence. SEO is a long-term strategy where you want gradually increasing results overtime, while SEM can provide you with results quite quickly, so they can be used together for different purposes.

As a full-suite digital marketing service, Localsearch can ensure your SEO and SEM campaigns run in-sync with one another, giving you the best possible results. With a free quote, we can show you how we would optimise your digital marketing to work together to grow your business online.

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9 Things You Need for Your Google Ads to Succeed

Kollide website design

Overwhelmed? That’s normal! It’s why we’re here to help you get the results but without having done the work yourself. Request a quote today.

How Remarketing Can Reduce Conversion Costs by 5x

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Remarketing ads work by displaying your ads on search engines to people who have already shown interest through your website. As the person is already aware of what you do and what your business is about, they’re more likely (studies have shown this is true) to click through to your website and buy from you or enquire about your services.

However, to ensure your remarketing ad group is cost-effective and generating leads, you need to have a good quality score, relevant content and a conversion-optimised landing page. This is where our full-suite digital marketing services come in handy as we can ensure your website, landing pages and SEM strategy all work together to deliver the absolute best possible results. Contact us now for a free website audit and PPC (pay-per-click) campaign quote.

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63% of people have clicked on Google Ads.

However, ensuring you are where people are looking for what you do when they are on those search engine results pages is key. We ensure you do this and with all the conversion tracking you need to feel confident in exactly what we do for your business.

100% Owned Australian Google Ads Services

Localsearch started more than 25 years ago as an affordable solution to regional businesses who didn’t have access to accurate, effective marketing services. As technology has grown, so have we, today seeing us as one of the highest-rated premiere digital marketing services in Australia.

From your local Digital Marketing Specialist to our Google Ads specialists at our Gold Coast Localsearch head office, every person working on your ad campaign cares about your business as much as you do. If you’ve ever felt in the dark when you need help with your paid ads, it’s time to make the switch.

Search Engine Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of information online about search engine marketing, Google Ads, Adwords and other types of paid search ads. We’ve put together a guide of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about this important digital marketing tool for businesses.

Of course, if you don’t see your question or you need help with a specific paid advertising (or SEO, website, social media posts or any other digital marketing tool) query, speak to our digital marketing specialists and we can help.

Google Adwords was the former name of Google’s paid search platform, now known as Google Ads. The name change occurred in July 2018, along with a rebrand of the platform.

Google Ads is Google’s search advertising platform, allowing marketers to create and manage ads across the Google search network.

Whether you use Bing Ads comes down to if it gives your business a strategic advantage with less competition for lower cost targeting.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, receiving 86.6% of the global search market in 2021, while Bing only holds 6.7%. However, this is still around 1.066 billion views for Bing, so while they may not have the most views, it’s still a platform to consider for advertising, especially if you’re in a high-cost-high-competition market.

To decide if Bing (known as Microsoft Ads) or Google Ads are better for your business (or even if to do both), do some keyword and competitor analysis. This is something a search engine marketing specialist can easily do for you.

Anyone can create their own Google Ads, but whether you do them as cost and return effective as possible may be questionable. Like if someone were to do what you provide as a business, the results may not be as good than if they’d hired you, the professional to do it for them. The same goes for Google Ads.

By doing your own Google Ads you may not be optimising your content, web pages, ad extensions and bidding strategy as effectively as you could. This is where a search marketing expert can help you get the best possible results.

One of the best parts about Google Ads and other SEM platforms is the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method, where, you guessed it, you only pay when someone clicks to visit your website or contact you. But how much you pay?

SEM works on a bidding system. Essentially, every time someone types something into a search engine that matches a keyword you’re bidding on, you enter the search engine’s ad auction. How much you pay for your ads will then be impacted by how many competitors are also bidding on that keyword at that time, the relevance of the keyword to what you’re offering, the quality of your website and the relevance of your ad to the searcher.

Your industry, product or service and the location you’re targeting will impact how much you pay. 

This is where our search engine marketing specialists’ talent come into play. They will analyse data and optimise your ad account so all the different impacts of a winning bid will improve. This then decreases the amount you pay per bid, in turn creating a better return on investment. Your allocated budget will be utilised in the most cost efficient way to ensure you receive more bang for your buck—amongst all the other benefits.

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