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Why list a business on Localsearch Online?

Firstly, it's free...

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Besides being completely free to have a basic listing, your profile page also gives you:

  • More places to be found online, both on our search results and Google’s.
  • A quality backlink to your website. Not quite sure what this means? Learn the basics with our guide to backlinks.
  • Added search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits.
  • A platform for your customers to leave you reviews.

What extras can I add to my Localsearch profile page?

Great question! By becoming a Verified Business you can:

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  • Add your business logo, slogan, photos and documents (such as menus).
  • Receive quotes and enquiries directly from your profile page.
  • Enable call tracking to catch missed phone calls and voicemails.
  • Have your position on the list view be higher than basic profile holders.
  • Add more services, products and specialties.
  • Reply to reviews as the owner.

And more…


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