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What is Localsearch Online?

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Say you’re looking for a plumber, electrician, hairdresser, doctor, cleaner, mechanic or another type of business, but you need someone available on a Sunday afternoon who accepts AMEX and can give you a quote now. How do you find them? On localsearch.com.au, of course.

This is where you, as a business owner, come in. As a Localsearch Verified Business, you are one of the first listings they come across. They click on your profile page and find your trading hours, payment methods, photos and more. It’s easy for them to make the decision that you’re the business they need. 

All you had to do was get in touch and let us do the rest. 

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The benefits of being a Localsearch Verified Business

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Localsearch.com.au was built to connect locals with businesses and businesses with customers. Anyone can list their business on Localsearch, but a Verified Business receives more opportunities to convert browsers into customers. 

You’ll receive:

  • A higher ranking on multiple list views for more opportunities to be found.
  • A professionally written blurb to help with SEO and to entice browsers.
  • The ability to market your business in multiple categories online and offline.
  • Benefits from our own SEO and SEM campaigns.
  • Ability to use our bookings, quotes and reviews functions.
  • Improved SEO through reviews
  • Options to suit any industry or budget.

And much more…


See with your own eyes how Localsearch Online is making you money

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We don’t believe in telling you how great your Localsearch profile page is at growing your business—because we can show you. You’ll be able to see exactly how many potential customers are visiting your page, sending you enquiries, clicking on your phone number and much more.

In-built into your profile page is state-of-the-art call tracking software. This lets us know how many calls you’ve received, at what time and day, if you answered and how long they lasted for. Don’t worry—the software doesn’t record your call, just the data when someone uses your profile page to contact you.

Power BI website created by Localsearch

List your business

It’s quick, easy and affordable. All you need to do is tell us how many leads you want to make—we’ll do the rest. Start with your free listing.

Localsearch Marketing Packages

Become a Localsearch Verified Business to receive an upgraded listing, enhanced search engine optimisation and access to leads generated by our very own Google Ads campaigns.

Every package can be customised to suit your exact needs. The below prices do not reflect changes to packages based on location and inclusions.

LS Online Bronze

Great for businesses looking to get a basic profile page. Starting at
$ 58 /month + GST
  • Total $700 + GST
  • for 12 months
  • All base package benefits *
  • 3 images
  • GMB setup & verification

LS Online Silver

For the small-business who wants to focus on being seen. Starting at
$ 116 /month + GST
  • Total $1400 + GST
  • for 12 months
  • All base package benefits *
  • 5 images
  • List view SEO synopsis
  • Access to listing manager
  • Feature / hero image
  • GMB setup & verification

LS Online Gold

Perfect for businesses who have a lot of images. Starting at
$ 208 /month + GST
  • Total $2500 + GST
  • for 12 months
  • All base package benefits *
  • 15 images
  • List view SEO synopsis
  • Access to listing manager
  • Feature / hero image
  • High ranking on Localsearch list
  • Location boost
  • GMB setup & verification

LS Online Platinum

Ideal for businesses looking to get the most out of their profile page
Let's Chat /month + GST
  • All base package benefits *
  • 25 images
  • List view SEO synopsis & quick info
  • Access to listing manager
  • Feature / hero image
  • Priority ranking on Localsearch list
  • Location boost
  • GMB setup & verification

Disclaimer: Localsearch Online prices vary depending on location and requirements. The displayed prices are based on standard packages in the Alice Springs and Port Macquarie, and may not reflect your own agreement with us. All contracts are for a 12-month term, and do not automatically renew. Before your contract ends, your consultant will contact you regarding renewal, unless you have contacted us prior. You are responsible for updating any personal or business information with us, including all contact information.

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We're not just for big city business...

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For too many years, regional Australia has been forgotten—but not by us! Our mission is to help businesses grow, however remote they are, whether they’re the sole trader out woop woop or a franchisee in the CBD. Right now, we’re in 43 markets throughout Australia—and we have no plans of stopping there. Don’t see your location?

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