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Google's job is to show users the most relevant and up-to-date results based on their search query. Quality online directories are just one great way to ensure your business in those local results.

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A Localsearch Online profile can certainly help with your SEO. It does so by being a quality backlink and by being a trusted review platform.

What is a backlink? Part of Google’s assessment of your website is to measure your expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T). A backlink is a link on a website linking to your own website. This helps to show Google you’re a legitimate, trustworthy business, which is similar to how reviews will help.

What your customers say is almost more important than what you say about yourself. So when they review your business positively, it shows the search engine they can trust you and others can too.

So, is your business on

Localsearch advertising
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How else can a Localsearch Online profile benefit my business?

There are two types of profiles on the Localsearch Online business directory—upgraded and standard. Here is what you can do with an upgraded profile.

Verified Localsearch Business Profile Animation was built to connect locals with businesses and businesses with customers. Anyone can list their business on Localsearch, but an upgraded profile receives more opportunities to convert browsers into customers. 

You’ll receive:

  • A higher ranking on multiple list views for more opportunities to be found.
  • A professionally written blurb to help with SEO and to entice browsers.
  • The ability to market your business in multiple categories online and offline.
  • Benefits from our own SEO and SEM campaigns.
  • Ability to use our bookings, quotes and reviews functions.
  • Improved SEO through reviews
  • Options to suit any industry or budget.

And much more…

How much does Localsearch Online cost?

Every Localsearch Online package is customised to suit your business and location. Plus, we track your results so you can see your investment at work.

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Any business in any of the regions on the map further down this page can create a profile on for free. Yes, for free. This enables you to list your business name, contact details, basic products and services, and to receive reviews from customers.

However, if you’d like to see the benefits listed in the question above this, you’ll want to upgrade your profile. Every package price is tailored to your business and location by a local Google-certified specialist and can be as less than a cup of coffee a day. Plus, 10-month payment plans are available.

Speak to your local specialist now to arrange your custom quote.


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Can I put my online reviews on my website?

If you have reviews on your Localsearch business profile, you can stream them on your website using a Localsearch widget.

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Once you’ve claimed your business profile on Localsearch, you can add a widget to your website. What does a review widget do? We have a few to choose from, so you can stream reviews or even encourage people to submit one themselves.

To add a widget, visit the Widget Centre, type in your business name, select the display you like, copy the code and add it to your website’s backend. Simple!

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How do I upgrade my Localsearch profile?

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Step 1. Request your free custom quote.

Tell us about your business and one of our Google-certified consultants from your area will be in touch to arrange your custom quote. 

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Step 2. Optimise your profile.

Once you’ve selected your package and your order has been processed, you’re encouraged to log into your profile and add your logo, photos, services and more.

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Step 3. Update your profile whenever you need.

Whenever you move location, add or remove a product or service, get some new photos or update your branding, you should update your profile too.

Download the FREE Localsearch app.

Aussies now have an easier and faster way to connect with businesses near them. The new Localsearch app lets you search, compare, review and contact businesses in more than 1,000 categories on any iOS or Android mobile phone. It’s quick, easy and better still, completely free to use.

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It’s quick, easy and affordable. All you need to do is tell us how many leads you want to make—we’ll do the rest. Start with your free listing.

Localsearch Online Package Inclusions

Every Localsearch Online package is customised based on your location and industry, and include:

Help Your Profile Standout with Payment Methods

With the search-by-payment-method filter, users can limit the business results by who offers particular payment options. So, if they’re searching for something specific, you can show them you fit the bill.

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Current list of locations on

For too many years, regional Australia has been forgotten—but not by us! Our mission is to help businesses grow, however remote they are, whether they’re the sole trader out woop woop or a franchisee in the CBD. Right now, we’re in 43 markets throughout Australia—and we have no plans of stopping there. Don’t see your location? Get in touch!

Want to know more about Localsearch Online?

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You can find everything you want to know on our FAQ page, including how to update your profile, respond to and remove a review, and more.

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With 2+ million page views a month and 92,160+ customer reviews, it’s the place to be if you want to get your business found and trusted online.

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