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Affordable Websites

Need an affordable website fast? Localsearch’s one-page websites are the fastest, easiest way to get your business online (and on search engines), starting from only $29 a week.

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Affordable Website Packages

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One-page designs are a super affordable way to build a great website on a tight budget in 2022, especially for a small business. Both flat-fee and subscriptions options are available, meaning any sized business can build a new website search engines and customers love without breaking the bank. We also build traditional and custom designs, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch today for a free quote. 

One-page website subscriptions from $29 a week.

Website subscriptions grow with your business. Like a phone plan, you pay a fixed monthly price in return for a website, and you can upgrade to the next package for new pages as you need them. Plus, it includes web hosting and a free domain name, and you receive a free re-build after the third year. 

One-Page Flat-Fee Website from $29.

All Localsearch flat-fee website plans come with a 10-month payment plan to help even the smallest of businesses to grow their business online. Flat-fee websites are popular with existing businesses looking to work within a particular financial year or government grant. Affordable hosting is additional. 

Add pages to any website subscription.

Localsearch’s websites are designed to grow with your business. With a website subscription, you can add 5 responsive design pages at a time, with only a slight change to your plan. Plus, with hosting already included, your website management costs remain the same.

Need a custom website?

Of course, maybe you need a completely unique website, a shopping cart, interactive features or something that will really blow the socks off of anyone who visits your site. Our custom website packages allow you to imagine and design the website of your wildest dreams.

localsearch website design templates

Trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

single page website design templates

15+ Affordable Website Examples

single page website design templates

A budget friendly website doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or results. Our web designers, developers and content specialists use the latest user-experience best practices to ensure your site both looks and works at its absolute best. 

Check out some of our recent projects for businesses throughout Australia, including web design for boutiques, plumbers, tourism operators, builders, cleaners and more. We have examples of our single-page, traditional and custom site builds, giving you ideas for where your site can take your business. If they have you dreaming of new goals, get in touch with us to organise your free quote today. 

Award-Nominated Website Services

Every Localsearch One-Page Website Includes

Design for Mobile Devices

Responsive web design is essential if you want your site to both rank on search engines and convert visitors to your site into customers. Which is why every Localsearch website is built to the latest responsive guidelines. 

Optimised Contact Forms

Every Localsearch single-page website includes easy-to-use contact forms, as well as contact points on every fold, increasing your conversion opportunities. You can even display payment methods, reviews and more for increased ROI. 

Dedicated Account Manager

While building a site with Localsearch and long after, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager to support and guide you. This close relationship helps us understand your business as well as you, creating a truly personalised website design. 

Super-Fast Build Times

One-page web design is a super simple process, reducing build time. So, if you need a website fast and affordably, this is the ideal option for you. Our website subscriptions even include web hosting and management, making the process even easier and faster. 

Top Benefits of a One-Page Small Business Website

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The magic of a single-page website is they can be used in so many different ways to increase your existing business strategy. For example, during the pandemic, many restaurants and cafés utilised our one-page website design for digital menus. This allowed them to not only be found for their takeaway services online, but also cut down on printed menu costs and upkeep.

Our one-page small business websites have also been used for:

And more. Talk to your local digital marketing specialist to see how you can use a single-page site to future-proof your business.

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O'Brien Electrical Bendigo Grow Their Online Presence By 109% in 12 Months with Localsearch

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Until working with Localsearch, O’Brien Electrical Bendigo had been using traditional marketing with no clear visibility of return on investment. With the goal of expanding into air-conditioning services in the next 12 months, they gave us a mission to not only increase their brand presence online, but also increase leads for their 24/7 service and new air-conditioning service person.

So, we optimised their website and put in place a Google My Business and Google Ads strategy. Within 12 months the O’Brien Electrical Bendigo team saw not only an 109% increase in SEO traffic, but also a 30% average Google Ads conversion rate. They have now been able to grow their team and can clearly see their return on investment with Localsearch.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Affordable Website Results You Can See

Localsearch Nucleus website dashboard

Your one-page website with Localsearch comes with access to Nucleus, our purpose-built, all-in-one digital marketing reporting dashboard. In your Nucleus dashboard, you’ll see only the most important information from Google Analytics and other reporting tools (like lead types), giving you full transparency into how your site is growing your business. 

You’ll also receive monthly reports showing you exactly how your affordable website is helping you grow your business. With your dedicated account manager and digital marketing specialist, we’ll also help you dig deeper into your results and how to make the most of your website design on Google Maps and search results, Facebook, Instagram or wherever your target audience are online. 

Localsearch Nucleus website dashboard
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Why Responsive Design is So Important

Done coffe port Macquarie website design

Responsive design is the process web designers and developers follow to ensure a site can be used on any computer, tablet or mobile device. The obvious advantage of having a responsive website design is the ease of use for visitors to your site, increasing conversion opportunities, but it is also crucial to rank well on search engines. 

Google, Bing and other search engines only want to show their users web pages which are secure, easy-to-use and give them the answer to their query. Part of this is a user friendly website design. Everything from your font and font colour, image placement, pop-ups, buttons, if those with visual impairments can use the site and more impact that responsive element. 

The good thing is, our responsive website design specialists at Localsearch look after it all for you. 

Top Reasons to Build Your New Website with Localsearch

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Check out our 500+ Google reviews to see why we’re one of Australia’s favourite website builders.

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Websites are no longer a luxury, they're essential.

2020 proved being online is no longer a luxury to not only grow as a business, but survive. We created our affordable website services to ensure any business of any size can not only keep trading during the unexpected, but grow too. When building a website is this easy and budget friendly, there’s no excuse to not be online. 

1000s of Small Business Websites Built at Affordable Prices

At Localsearch, we build more than 200 websites every single month for Australian businesses from Darwin to Alice Springs, Townsville to the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers through to Melbourne and beyond. Our website subscriptions have allowed regional businesses to compete with corporate businesses, giving them access to big business technology and small business prices.  

How we do this is by working and partnering with the world’s leading technology providers, as well as building our own solutions to current gaps in the market. It keeps our services affordable, effective and something small businesses need. 

Explore some of the locations we support. 

Affordable Website Design FAQ

We’d be surprised if hearing you can build a business website from $29 a week that actually works at growing your business didn’t raise some eyebrows. To help you get that complete peace of mind, we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions, including if it’s cheaper to do your own design, if you need a full site or if a cheap site means you won’t get results. 

If you don’t see your question, please reach out to our friendly Localsearch team. Our website specialists are in all corners of Australia, from Tamworth to Townsville, Darwin to Melbourne and everywhere in between. 

While it may cost less to build your own website at first, over time you will end up paying more. The quality of your site impacts your online presence in many ways, including the effectiveness of your search engine optimisation, the cost of your Google Ads and more.  

To build a great website, it needs to be created specifically with users in mind, taking into consideration content, web design, development, even your web hosting.  

This is where Localsearch can help by making getting a new website not only extremely affordable, but also get you the website traffic you need too. 

The average website in Australia costs an average of $5,000 to $10,000 for a basic design. You also need to account for monthly management fees, like hosting. This is why website subscriptions are becoming so popular as they allow even a startup business to have an online presence at an affordable price. 

To build a web page in 2021, you’ll need design, development and content experience to ensure it meets best practices. Like any profession, it can take years to learn these skills, with on-going training required to keep up with changing technology. Hiring a service like Localsearch can take away this pain. 

A one-page website or landing page is ideal for small businesses and startups who don’t need to sell products online or have many services yet. They can be used as digital menus, landing pages for other online marketing services (like Google Ads) and more. However, existing businesses may find they need more pages to grow online and stand out from their competition.  

Localsearch website subscriptions allow you to start from as little as a single-page website from only $29 a week, and add pages as you need them. Website subscriptions are ideal for growing businesses or those expanding into new areas. 

Website subscriptions, or pay-as-you-go websites, allow you to pay a fixed monthly fee to have a website built and kept online. They are a great options for new or smaller businesses who need to be online (because who doesn’t) on a tight budget. It’s similar to a phone plan, but instead of a mobile device and service, you receive a web page and hosting.  

Website subscriptions should not be mistaken with a subscription website. The latter is a type of digital gate requiring payment for a user to access online content on the other side. These are common with newspapers and other online publications.

There is a difference between cheap web design and affordably designed websites. An affordable website will still give you a responsive design, search engine friendly content, be good for your other online marketing and get website traffic. With cheap website builds, you may find corners are cut, even if it’s just a personalised service, meaning you end up having to pay more in the long run. 

Some cheap website builders will also restrict what you can do with your site. In the future, this may make it hard to optimise your website for search engine optimisation or add features like widgets. You may also be limited by website design features, so it’s best to check what you’re paying for meets what you need your website to do now and in the future. 

Yes, every business needs a website regardless of size or whether you’re opening your doors for the first time tomorrow or have been running for 100+ years. Besides the 83% of consumers who believe businesses should have a mobile-responsive website, a web page is also the cornerstone of success for your other marketing. 

With the happenings of 2020 forcing us all online, even those who preferred to shop in-person had to rely on finding products and services online. Having a small business website, social media, etc. allows you to tell the world you’re open and keep people up to date with your offerings, availability and how you can fulfill a need. Even in-person traders, like hairdressers and nail salons, have started to sell products and DIY kits online to future-proof their businesses. 

The difference between a website subscription (or a pay-as-you-go plan) and a flat-fee website is how you pay for your new website. A subscription has you pay-as-you-go, almost like renting a website or phone plan. While a flat-fee website allows you to pay upfront in one go or with a structured payment plan.

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