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For more than 28 years, Localsearch has been helping connect Australian businesses with affordable, effective marketing solutions. Our 250+ digital marketing specialists now help more than 300,000 business owners, carrying on the values and beliefs of our founders (including Daniel Stoten). Learn more about our team and our work below. 

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Our History

Back in 1993...

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Before smartphones and social media, Aussies turned to the trusty phone directory to find businesses. The problem was, the information was often out of date and unreliable. Not only did the readers of the directories need a solution, so did the businesses in the area. Wanting to help, four mates from Rockhampton put their heads together and created an answer—Localsearch.

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More than 25+ years later...

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We are still providing marketing solutions—only this time, it’s in the digital world. If you’ve even considered getting your business online in any way, you know it’s chaos. There are websites, listings, social media, search engine marketing and optimisation, SMS and email marketing, video ads, blogs…and the list just keeps getting bigger.

When we stepped into the arena to market our own services, we realised how messy it really was. All around us were businesses struggling to even break into the digital world. So, we decided it was time to bring calm to the chaos. Our team grew to include the experts in web, SEO, SEM, social media, copywriting, IT and other areas, we built our own platforms and most recently, we earned our Google Premier Partner badge.

It’s all to help you, just as we have for 25 years—only now, it’s with your digital marketing.

The experts in small-business development are on your side.

Our people

Localsearch T&A Mechanical Troye Lowe with Trent and Alicia

Throughout the years, even as we’ve expanded to more than 250 employees, we’ve ensured our people stayed local and passionate about helping our clients. When you contact our head office, you come through to one of our friendly team here in Queensland. If a digital marketing specialist comes and visits you, they’re from your local area. Even our IT and support teams are right here at our Localsearch HQ. This will never change.


We know not every business can hire their own search engine gurus, designers, copywriters and digital experts—so ours are here for you. Our people are your people. All you have to do is ask.

Localsearch T&A Mechanical Troye Lowe with Trent and Alicia
Cherie Goldfinch Localsearch Community Relations Manager

Our Difference

Cherie Goldfinch Localsearch Community Relations Manager

We’re real people and we act like it. No scripts, foreign call centres and definitely no pushy consultants. Just honest, friendly and reliable people. It’s all part of our mission to provide the absolute best experience every time you call, email or see us.

Extraordinary customer experience—everything we do comes back to it. We’ve selected each member of our team—both head office and consultants—for their passion for helping small businesses be seen, trusted and connected. Every step of the way, you’ll feel our dedication for helping you take your business to the next level. From our completely transparent reporting to our IT and support teams, we’re here to guide, inform and help you.

Let's talk business... your business

You run the business you do because you’re the expert in your industry—as we are ours. Stop wasting time running in circles with your digital marketing and find out how easy, affordable and effective it can really be.

Meet the Localsearch Executive & Performance Team

The pioneers of simple, affordable digital marketing solutions in Australia.

Daniel Hargraves

Director of Revenue & Development

He's so good at turning a big dream and a vision into a reality, we made it his job! 

Catherine McGarry Localsearch Executive Director

Catherine McGarry

Director of Finance & Analytics

As the fearless leader of the pack, Cathy keeps everyone on the right track.

Adam Boote Localsearch

Adam Boote

Director of Digital & Growth

Adam is responsible for aligning our complete range of digital products with the best in tech.

Alex Mahon

Head of Development

Alex has the code to the algorithm for ensuring we’re at the top of our development game.

David Holihan Localsearch Head of Strategy

David Holihan

Chief Strategy Officer

With David securing our partnerships, we're always connected to the right people.

Gary Mandelkow Localsearch Head of Technology

Gary Mandelkow

Chief Technology Officer

Gary ensures we have cutting-edge technology to support our staff, products and clients.

Sofia Bryan Localsearch Program Manager

Sofia Bryan

Chief Operations Officer

Cool, calm and collected is Sofia's middle name as she sees every project from start to finish.

Caroline Thompson Localsearch Head of Finance

Caroline Thompson

Head of Finance

Caroline ensures we're investing our funds in the right places to help our customers.

Brittany Sharp

Head of Customer Experience

Brittany is the guiding hand for our clients on their digital marketing journey.

Chris Curran

Chief Sales Officer

With Chris at the helm, our Digital Marketing Specialists can steer Aussie businesses in the right direction.

Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds

National Account Manager

Ben helps national businesses and franchises find calm in the chaos of digital marketing on a large scale.

David Lynn

David Lynn

Manager of Internal Sales

With David’s guidance, our internal team can ensure the local touch is felt wherever businesses need support.

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