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Local search optimisation is an area of SEO focused on increasing your online visibility in your immediate area and bringing people near you to your website.

Localsearch search engine optimisation services in Australia

For example, if you provide plumbing services in Rockhampton and surrounds, you’ll want to target people searching for toilet or burst pipe repairs in Rockhampton, not Brisbane. Local search engine optimisation (LSEO) helps you get these results.

This can be a challenge for many businesses in competitive industries. If there are 25 plumbers in your local area, versus the 2 in another area, it will be a lot harder for you to achieve these results, but not impossible with the right help.

At Localsearch, we specialise in local, regional and national SEO services in Australia. So, whether you’re trying to market to locals, the wider area or the entire country, we can get you found. 


Localsearch search engine optimisation services in Australia

How Our SEO Services Helped SPL Security Solutions

See how Michael (CEO of S.P.L. Security Solutions) grew his business with the help of Localsearch’s Aussie SEO services.

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How much does SEO cost per month in 2021?

As long as you have a website you want to compete on a search engine, you'll need SEO. But like a website build, the answer is more complicated than a specific dollar amount.

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Every industry, location and business will have different SEO needs. You may have 100 businesses to compete with or just 2, wanting to reach a larger or smaller area of people, be following no current SEO best practices or need only a few tweaks. The price you pay should reflect this.

This is why you won’t see a price list on this page, because we treat your SEO package as unique as your business. How it works is your local Google-certified specialist will come to you, see how we can help and plan your package around you. There are no price averages here.

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Here's what to expect once you click Get Started...

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1. Your local SEO specialist will come to you.

At a time and place that suits you, we’ll come to you and work out a plan of action for your SEO goals. We’ll check out your website, assess your current search engine results and walk you through the on-page, off-page and technical ways we can help.

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2. You'll have a welcome call with your account manager.

Your Australian-based SEO account manager will then be in touch with you to welcome you to Localsearch, walk you through the process, get to know your business and answer any questions. Then, they get to work.

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3. Every month, you'll receive a report you can actually read.

If you’ve ever tried to navigate Google Analytics and Tag Manager, you’ll know how confusing it can be. Our reports ensure you know exactly what’s going on with your SEO in a language you can actually understand.

Localsearch 2019 SEMrush AU Search Awards finalist

Shortlisted for the Best SEO Campaign category.

Localsearch 2019 SEMrush AU Search Awards finalist

As a finalist in the SEMrush AU Search Awards, we have been recognised for creating and successfully carrying out one of the best SEO campaigns of 2019. It shows we provide SEO services Australia can trust.

We are also finalists in the 2019 Google Premier Partner Awards for our work in search engine marketing.


9 ways to improve your SEO results:


Some businesses will fall in the ‘Your Money or Your Life’ (YMYL) category, such as medical, finance and legal services. Google wants to know you’re a trustworthy party with authority and expertise on the subject before they show your business to people, so understanding this algorithm is highly important for SEO results.


An SSL certificate helps to keep your website data and the information of its users (your customers) safe. As Google wants to provide secure results to their own users, they’re very unlikely to give you good search results if you’re lacking that highly important ‘s’ at the end of the ‘http’ part of your URL. All Localsearch hosting packages include a current certificate. 


Good website content should be written for the users. However, it’s still important to understand keyword strength and density, know how much content you need on every page and what to address. If it sounds like too much work, Localsearch’s in-house copywriters are here to help.


4. Easy-to-crawl code.

Your website has a frontend (the part you see) and a backend (where all your website data tells the browser what to display). Code is literally a language developers learn to write, read and troubleshoot. Bad or unnecessary code is detrimental to your SEO, so ensure you have a website designer and developer you can trust.


Your website hosting is what puts your site online. The further the hosting server (where the data is stored) is from the website user, the longer the information takes to transfer. As we know, page speed is crucial for successful SEO, so local hosting is highly recommended.


6. On-page, off-page and technical optimisation.

These three areas are the main focuses of SEO updates. They influence your images, content, backend code, listings and links on other websites, including your Google My Business and Localsearch Online profiles. It’s all part of the SEO process.


People are more likely to leave a website if it takes too long to load. When Google can see your page speed is high, they’ll know people won’t want to hang around, and be less likely to show them your page in their search results. Anything from large image sizes to plugin size can impact page speed, so it’s best to talk to an SEO specialist and developer.


8. Regular relevant updates to your website.

The most relevant information is often the latest update on the topic. You can do this by updating pages as needed or even blogging to keep fresh, regularly updated content on your website. However, these updates and blogs should be strategic with a content plan, which an SEO specialist can assist with.


Your business name, address and phone number should be exactly the same wherever they’re displayed online. It’s one of the ways search engines identify your business, so even a slight difference may mean you’re missing out on a valuable search result appearance.

Where are you in your area's search results?

61% of local-specific searches result in a sale or booking within 2 hours. Don’t be part of the 39%.

Localsearch SEO Services Include

As well as your custom package inclusions, you'll receive:

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Find the answers to all your queries on our frequently asked questions page. If it’s not there, feel free to contact our Australian-based support team.

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Disclaimer: While we do hold a Google Premier Partner badge, our search engine optimisation services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

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