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Social media platforms are cracking down on businesses using their 2+ billion users to create leads for free. Learn the easiest, most cost-effective way to get back on track below.

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Localsearch social media marketing

Social media marketing uses the power of targeting Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users through ads, unlike management that relies on organic views.

Localsearch social media marketing

It’s frustrating when you put all that work and effort into creating a Facebook and Instagram post only for it to receive a few likes. But it’s not you—it’s them. 

Facebook has admitted they limit how many page posts they show people, prioritising friend and family posts. But there is a way to get around it—ads.

By using ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, you’re guaranteed a place in more people’s feeds. And by utilising a social media marketing expert (like Localsearch), you can ensure they’re the right people being targeted at the right time with proven methods.

Many people believe boosting posts is the best way to get more customers via social media. But in fact, you're only achieving what is known as a vanity metric.

Boosting Facebook posts is quick, easy and puts your business in front of a lot of people. But it also doesn’t have specific enough targeting and isn’t helping you grow your business. You’re fishing for a marlin in a pond of tadpoles, so to speak.

Facebook Ads guarantee the right people will be seeing what you do or sell. Your only problem is sparing the time to learn how to use the platform, create ads and optimise them correctly. But we have an answer for that too!

Our Australian-based social media experts can do it all for you. And, to ensure you know it’s a worthwhile investment, you’ll receive access to a live reporting dashboard and monthly progress updates. 


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Here's what happens after you click Get Started...

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1. One of our local specialists will organise your custom quote.

Your local specialist will be in touch with you to customise your quote based on your business and needs. Then, it’s over to our head office to get your Facebook Ads created and running.

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2. Your social account manager will be in touch.

Once you’ve selected your package, your account manager will be in touch with you to walk you the process, answer any questions and learn more about your business. 

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3. You'll receive access to the dashboard once ads are live.

Our team will now source your images, write copy and optimise your ad campaigns. You’ll receive a ‘live’ link to view your ads before they’re published, as well as access to live reporting.

Tired of your social media posts not being seen?

There are 2.2 billion potential customers just sitting on social media waiting to see your business. But you need to do it with ads to beat the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger algorithms. 

The top 6 essentials every social media marketing campaign needs:


1. Quality, proofread social media ad copy.

Facebook and Instagram ad copy should be social, yet professional. It shouldn’t be too salesy or specific and should definitely be relatable to your audience. A good copywriter will be able to help, such as the one included in a Localsearch social package.


2. Variety of copy and images for testing.

Testing is so crucial if you want your social media campaigns to work. By testing changes to copy and images (one at a time) in your ads, you can see what people actually respond to better so you can optimise future ads. A/B testing is included in all of our packages.


3. Specific audience targeting.

The Facebook Ads platform lets you really dig down deep into who you want your audience to be. You can even choose to only show people who are similar to a list of your current customers. If you don’t know how, we can help.


Imagine spending time creating ad copy and sourcing images, then creating your campaign to have it rejected by Facebook. Even something as small as having too much skin or text in an image will get you booted. Our social media specialists know all the tips and tricks to avoid this.


5. Accurate reporting with knowledge of how to read it.

One of the great things about Facebook Ads is the level of analytics they offer you—if you can read it, that is. The problem with this is, your next campaign should be optimised based on the results of your last one. Unless you have someone on your side who gets the lingo, like Localsearch.


Congratulations, someone has seen your ad and would like to know more about your business! But then they don’t contact you. What happened? Chances are something about your website turned them off. Did we mention we can help with website design and development too?

Localsearch Social Media Marketing Package Inclusions

Every social media package is customised to your needs and includes:

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Can Localsearch create my everyday posts as well as ads? How much does social media marketing cost? How do I know if my social media ads are working? We answer all these questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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