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Australian Website Hosting

Super fast, secure and affordable Australian web hosting services with site management included to help you save time, money and stress.

How fast is your website?

Website speed is critical for ranking on search engines and reducing the cost of your marketing, amongst other things. Request your free website audit now!

Affordable Web Hosting Packages

All Localsearch dedicated hosting packages include platform and app updates, hourly backups, FREE SSL certificate, a free domain name for the first two years and more, starting from $49 a month (+ GST). If your web hosting service is impacting your rankings, we make it quick and easy to make the switch.

HTML5 website hosting.

Only have a small, low-maintenance website? Our HTML5 website hosting packages give you lightening-fast speeds and top-notch security, but without the expensive add-ons you simply don’t need.

WordPress website hosting.

WordPress sites tend to need more maintenance to work as they should. Localsearch WordPress hosting packages give you access to fast, affordable and reliable hosting, including Australia-based support.

eCommerce website hosting.

The last thing you want is to your customers’ information or your own at risk with unsecure hosting. Our eCommerce packages are backed by the latest security measures, so you can sell online with no fear.

Not sure what you need?

It’s completely normal not to know what type of website you have — that’s why we’re here. Select ‘Let’s Go’ and we’ll ensure you’re only spending what you need on the best web hosting to suit your business and website.

Trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

What's included in our web hosting plans?

Web hosting providers tend to fall into two baskets — super cheap, but lacking what you truly need or too expensive with unnecessary add-ons. At Localsearch, we took our 25+ years of working with Australian businesses to create fair, affordable and reliable hosting packages, with every hosting service including:

And more. Request your free website audit and quote today.

All this and more in your web hosting plan.

Why choose our web hosting services?

Fast and secure hosting.

If your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds and has a broken or red padlock in your URL, you’ll be losing countless customers and Google rankings. With Localsearch, this isn’t a problem, helping save you the stress.

Hourly backups.

You can’t control if your website platform goes down from time to time. What you can control is ensuring you have hourly backups with Localsearch web hosting solutions to prevent lost data and the stress of getting it back.

Auto platform and plug-in updates.

Your website is like a phone in that every now and then you need to run operating system and app updates to keep it working as it should. With Localsearch as your web host, it would all be handled for you.

Included website updates each year.

So, you have new information about your business you want to share on your website? If you’re with one of our web hosting plans, simply send through your photos or information and we’ll update it for you! *Conditions apply.

Transfer Your Hosting to Localsearch in 3 Easy Steps

And there you have it — you’ve transferred your website to one of the fastest, most secure web hosts in Australia! Be sure to check out our web hosting reviews on Google to see why we’re Australia’s premier digital marketing service.

How Your Web Host Impacts Your SEO

In May 2021, Google started rolling out an update where if your website wasn’t fast, secure and user friendly, you could kiss your rankings goodbye.

There is a lot of factors on your website that can impact this, your web hosting being one of the easiest to fix. Your website hosting not only puts your business online, it can impact how fast it takes your site to load, how easy it is to hack, if elements are working as they should and more — all things Google says you need to be on top of to do well on their search results.

If you’ve noticed your website is receiving less and less traffic and you’re not sure, it could be something to do with your website hosting provider. Select ‘Let’s Go’ to request your FREE website audit and get to the bottom of it quickly and stress-free.

Localsearch Website Subscriptions INCLUDE Hosting

Localsearch is so much more than a web hosting provider. With award-winning and nominated digital marketing services, we can help you with everything from building and hosting a website to the marketing to get it in front of people.

But, did you know, our affordable website subscriptions not only start from $29 a week, but also INCLUDE reliable web hosting? This also includes SSL certificates, security backups, plug-in updates and more!  That’s a website and secure, fast hosting for less than a decent cup of coffee a day. Ready for a free, obligation-free quote?

What's the deal with free or $1 a month hosting?

Cheap hosting is not the same as affordable hosting. While it may be tempting to sign up for cheap hosting, you’re going to end up paying more in money and time in the long-term.

Free or cheap hosting typically puts your website on shared hosting servers with as many websites as they can fit, slowing down your site and opening you up to security breaches. You’ll be allocated a tiny storage space so small you’ll only be able to put a very small, basic website online.

Affordable hosting will typically only set you back $1 to $2 a day and include dedicated server space, giving you fast speeds, security and all the website updates you need. Plus, with Localsearch hosting, you receive that top-notch customer support when and where you need it. Request your free quote today.

How Hosting Actually Works

Website hosting is what puts your business online. How web hosting works is the web host stores your website data on a server. When someone requests to access your website (such as on Google, through a link they’ve been sent, etc.), the server sends your website information to the user’s browser.

When you sign up for hosting, many hosts will place your website on a shared web server. Shared web servers can reduce your website’s speed, security and reliability, depending on how many web hosting accounts are on the same server.

So, checking out other hosting providers who specialise in business websites, like Localsearch, can help save you the hassle these problems can cause. Request your free quote now to find out more.

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4,000+ Aussie Businesses Host Their Website with Localsearch

Our award-winning and nominated website design services are here to help you achieve your business goals, not just now but in the future. Let’s get started with your free quote.

A Support Team That's on Your Schedule

When you need email or phone support for your website, our Gold Coast-based IT and customer support team are here to give you a fast solution. This gives you a fast answer when you have a question, need to update your information or upgrade your hosting!

As well our head office team, you’ll also have a local digital marketing specialist who will guide you through the complexities of digital marketing. Whether it’s navigating our dedicated hosting plans, boosting your  website performance with Google Ads or even getting started with increasing your business’s reputation with Facebook Ads, we’re here to help.

Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how hosted sites work, how to spot a quality web host and other frequently asked questions? We’ve got you. If you have any other questions, reach out to our customer support team by clicking the Call Us Now button or submit a request through our contact page.

Remember, we also offer web design services, so if you’ve also been thinking it’s time for a new business site, we can look after everything you need. Select ‘Let’s Go’ to request your free quote.

In most cases, you can switch web hosting providers very easily. The easiest way to transfer your web hosting is to ensure your new provider has a migration service. If they don’t, you’ll need to manually migrate your website, including exporting your data from your current hosting service. This can be difficult for those without technical training.

Where you may find issues with migrating your website is if your current hosting services does not allow exports of the data. Some Australian web hosts will require you to have a specific plan to do this. It’s best to check this before you sign up to a new host. 

WordPress hosting is specific to the requirements of WordPress websites. The configuration of the hosting allows for the custom design capabilities of the platform.

Standard web hosting refers to hosting suitable for all types of websites, typically HTML5. This hosting has basic configurations suitable for more basic hosting.

Localsearch provides web design services and HTML5 and WordPress web hosting.

Most web builder platforms will provide free basic hosting. However, this will normally be very limited in size and your domain will include the platform’s name. This will impact the trust in your website as well as what you can do with your site.

The best web hosting Australia has to offer will be from around a couple of dollars a day, meeting not only your website requirements, but also that of user experience and Google too. Most web hosts will have varying packages, so be sure to speak to someone who can guide you on what you need, if you’re not sure.

Quality website management in Australia can start from as little as a dollar or so a day. Managed WordPress hosting typically costs a little more than that for a HTML5 website due to the work required to keep the high-quality nature of the sites functioning as they should.

Website management should include making relevant platform and app updates, regular backups of your website data and more. Many web hosts offer this with their packages (like Localsearch), but check before you buy!

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