How Fraser Coast Waterproofing Increased Website Traffic by 226%

It's no secret marketing a business operating over multiple areas is tough, especially without the help of a digital marketing service. Here's how we worked with Fraser Coast Waterproofing to achieve a 226% increase in website visits in 90 days.

About Fraser Coast Waterproofing

Industry: Waterproofers
Location: Wide Bay-Burnett

Family-owned and run business Fraser Coast Waterproofing has cemented itself as a leading source of waterproofing services in the Wide Bay-Burnett region. The father-son team has worked hard to establish a strong brand in the region for more than 15 years.

They pride themselves in providing top-notch waterproofing and related services, with the customer support experience to match. Locals have come to know them as the experts in internal and external waterproofing, epoxy flooring, concrete grinding and repairs, flooring stripping and more.

On top of this impressive list of services, the team also operates in multiple locations, making their unmatched customer service even more impressive. As you can imagine, keeping their digital presence top-notch is no easy task.

The Challenge of Being a Multi-Service Waterproofing Businesses Operating in the Wide Bay-Burnett Region

As the team operates throughout 8+ towns, it was important their digital presence reflected that. They needed to be visible online in all the regions they service — not an easy task to manage on their own.

On top of this, as of 12 September 2022, there were more than 30,000 Google Search results for ‘epoxy flooring Hervey Bay’. That is only the competition on one of their services in a single region. The team works across multiple other towns and offers an additional 5+ services, including;

  • Waterproofing
  • Concrete Grinding & Repairs
  • Floor Stripping & Prep
  • Strip-outs & Demo
  • Concrete Remedial Works

So, you can only imagine the sheer volume of competition they are up against.

Creating a website, which caters for all these services, all while having a good user experience and, most importantly, ranking highly on relevant Google Searches was incredibly important to the father-son duo. This is why they enlisted the help of a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist in 2020.

Creating a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy for Fraser Coast Waterproofing

Build a Website

In 2020, Fraser Coast Waterproofing enlisted the help of Localsearch to build them a Premium 10-Page Website. The brief was to ensure the website provided a good user experience and accurately conveyed all their offerings and service areas, all while looking great and keeping with their current brand colours, black, yellow and white.

The Website Checklist:

  • Ensure the website design features the brand colours, black, white and yellow.

  • Encourage leads by placing contact forms on multiple pages.

  • Use high-quality, unique imagery.

  • Highlight service areas by including an interactive service areas map.

  • Showcase their 4.9-star rating by including a Localsearch reviews widget.

  • Include well-written content, written for enhanced user experience.

  • Super-fast load time to comply with Google’s best practices for user experience.

  • For the website to be mobile-friendly.

Optimise for Organic Search Traffic

Once Fraser Coast Waterproofing’s website was built, getting it seen and out into the world was the next hurdle, primarily through ranking highly in relevant search results. The first step in this was completing a thorough keyword analysis, taking the results and embedding them within the content strategy. This, alongside a thorough competitor analysis, allowed our team to spot gaps in the market and fill them.

On top of this, the website is constantly being updated to ensure it is meeting the requirements of the latest Google Updates. This would be crucial in ensuring the success of the website continued well into the future, as we can see here.

Create a Strong Digital Presence

Waterproofing is a heavily populated industry in the Fraser Coast, with 20+ businesses competing for the top position in Google’s Local Pack panel, so ensuring their digital presence was top-notch was integral.

Optimising their Google Business Profile (then Google My Business) allowed to appear in an additional THREE places on Google (Google Maps, Google Knowledge Panel and Google Local Pack.)

Some of the ways we optimised the water proofing business’s Google Business Profile and for localised search engine optimisation included the profiles had accurate service areas, updated name, address and phone number (NAP), included website links and more.

With the help of their new website, optimised Google Business Profile and business profile, Fraser Coast Waterproofing has created a strong digital presence.

The Results

Fraser Coast Waterproofing’s great digital presence has allowed them to position itself in the waterproofing market in 8+ towns in the Wide Bay-Burnett region.

The best part? The team at Fraser Coast Waterproofing have been able to track the performance of their campaigns via our 24/7 all-in-one Nucleus dashboard.

From 10 June 2022 – 07 September 2022.

  • Number 1 position for 7 keywords in the Hervey Bay region.

  • 226% increase in website visits.

  • 28% increase in organic new website users.

  • 5.38 average keyword position.

  • 57% increase in website impressions.

Looking for someone to take the stress out of growing your online presence? Request a free quote from a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist! Call 1300 360 867 or request a digital marketing quote online.

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