Enhancing Online Presence for Blue & White Veterinary Clinic 

Explore how Blue & White Veterinary Clinic established a strong online presence by leveraging Google Ads.

Who is Blue & White Veterinary Clinic?

Blue & White Veterinary Clinic, founded by Mike Featherstone, has been delivering outstanding care to cherished family pets for over two decades. Situated in Coffs Harbour, the clinic offers comprehensive veterinary services catering to dogs, cats, pocket pets, and reptiles. With a team of dedicated veterinarians, their focus lies in ensuring the health and well-being of every animal under their care.


Project Brief:

Blue & White Veterinary Clinic previously relied on traditional advertising channels like word-of-mouth, local newspapers, and radio. However, as technology advanced, Mike recognised the need to adapt their marketing strategies to align with the growing online landscape. Given their limited expertise in digital marketing, the clinic partnered with Localsearch to effectively tap into their target audience online.

The Objective:

The main goal for Blue & White Veterinary Clinic was to become visible to customers searching online. Mike sought a strategy that would allow the clinic to prioritise excellent care while maintaining a strong online presence in the background.

The Strategy:

Local Marketing Specialist, Kobi, collaborated closely with Mike to devise a plan tailored to Blue & White Veterinary Clinic’s goals. Together, they implemented Google Ads, ensuring the clinic remained easily accessible to online customers and stayed ahead of technological advancements. Localsearch played a key role in guiding Blue & White Veterinary Clinic through the intricacies of online marketing.

  1. Audit their online presence to gain insights into their business goals, objectives, customer base, and competitors. 
  2. Launch Google Ads to enhance online visibility, positioning Blue & White Veterinary Clinic where potential customers are searching for their services. 
  3. Regularly review results to ensure ongoing success, enabling Blue & White Veterinary Clinic to keep their focus on delivering exceptional veterinary services. 

The Results:

Through the partnership with Localsearch, Blue & White Veterinary Clinic successfully elevated its online presence, leading to growth and enabling them to uphold their commitment to delivering exceptional veterinary care.

  • Steady Growth

Starting with a single location in Coffs Harbour, the clinic expanded to include branches in Woolgoolga and Nambucca, now owning two purpose-built hospitals. Through strategic marketing partnerships and a commitment to quality care, Mike has transformed Blue & White Veterinary Clinic into a thriving business serving the community’s beloved pets across multiple locations.

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