Nucleus Dashboard

Introducing Nucleus, Localsearch’s all-in-one digital marketing reporting dashboard made for Aussie businesses. Receive complimentary access to Nucleus with any Localsearch digital marketing package.

What’s Included in the Nucleus Dashboard

With just one set of logins, Nucleus will open the doors to knowing exactly how your digital marketing is helping your business. Remember, it’s complimentary with every digital marketing service, so you can reap all the benefits.

Website Reporting

Whether you have a Localsearch website subscription or a custom site, Nucleus will show you how many people are exploring your site, contacting you, what device they’re using, pages they’re visiting and so much more.

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SEO & SEM Reporting

Discover how utilising search engines is increasing your online presence with Nucleus. See your best-performing keywords, impressions over time, clicks from your Google Ads, ranking positions from your SEO and more.

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Google My Business Reporting

Explore how Google My Business with Localsearch is helping put you in front of more locals with the Nucleus Dashboard. In your dashboard, you’ll see your latest posts, customer views and actions, and so much more.

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Social Media Marketing Reporting

With Nucleus, you’ll be able to dive into your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Ads, not only seeing how many people have seen them and the number of clicks, but what your best-performing ad looks like too!

Trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

Nucleus is just one of the ways we help you track your results...

Too many times we’ve heard businesses with other digital marketing agencies say they don’t even know how their ads and campaigns are performing. With Localsearch, you not only receive complimentary access to Nucleus, you’ll also have monthly reports sent directly to your inbox with your campaign highlights. Plus, if you’re growing your business with our Google Ads services, you’ll also receive call tracking, helping you convert more of your leads. These are just some of the ways we help bring calm to the chaos of digital marketing.

How Localsearch & Nucleus Gave O’Brien Electrical More Time with Their Family

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Benjamin and Chloe from O’Brien Electrical Bundaberg only brought on Localsearch’s help in May 2021. In just a few months, they were experiencing a 19% increase in inbound calls and a 24% increase in clicks. But better still, by being able to see their results in Nucleus, they knew exactly how our digital marketing services were working for their business, allowing them to spend more time with their son, Luka, and expand their team. Get started with a quote to see how you can take back your time like Benjamin and Chloe.

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Benefits of the Nucleus Digital Marketing Dashboard

One Password, All Reports

Say goodbye to logging in and out of multiple reporting dashboards. With Nucleus, you have one login to check all your digital marketing results.

Easy-to-Understand Data

Nucleus gets straight to the point, only giving you the information about your digital marketing you actually care about.

Downloadable Reports

Need to send your results to a manager, business partner or colleague? Download your reports straight from Nucleus for easy, secure sharing.

Adjustable Date Ranges

At the top right of your Nucleus dashboard, you have the option to change your date range from Last 30 Days up to Last 365 Days for customised reporting.

How to Measure Your Website Performance

There are many ways to measure the success of your website, all of which depend on your goal. A few key indicators your website is being seen more, which you can measure through an increase in:

You may also be able to see an improvement in how people use your website, such as an increase in:

Remember, your website is one piece of your marketing puzzle. To keep your results working for your business, you need to also boost your presence with SEO, Google Ads or another digital marketing service.

How to Measure Your SEO & SEM

Search engine optimisation (SEO) works on improving your presence on relevant organic search engine results, while search engine marketing (SEM) does so through paid search ads, like Google Ads. They can work separately, but work best together. 

To measure your SEO success, you’ll want to pay attention to your impressions over time and see a gradual increase (a few dips here and there are normal). Of course, you’ll also want to ensure your top ranking keywords align with your business and are receiving enough traffic too.

For your SEM results, keep an eye on impressions and conversion rate as this will indicate how many people are seeing your ads versus how many people are contacting you as a result. All this info and more you can find in your Localsearch Nucleus dashboard.

How to Analyse Your Facebook Ads Results

Leads are commonly thought to be the only Facebook Ads metric that matters — but that’s very far from the truth. While leads are a great result to keep an eye on for lead generation campaigns, they’re not ideal for measuring the success of brand awareness campaigns.

For a brand awareness campaign to be successful, you want to see a decrease in ad cost (cost-per-thousand impressions) over time. As the goal of a brand awareness campaign is to get you in front of as many eyeballs for your relevant audience as possible, a lower cost-per-thousand (or cost-per-mille) means you’re receiving more views due to the lower cost of your ad. 

If you don’t know if you need brand awareness or lead generation ads (or even both as many do), click ‘Let’s go!’ to request your free quote and consult.

Understanding Your Google My Business Results

Google My Business (GMB) is essential for businesses trying to put themselves in front of locals, whether that be for generating enquiries, getting people to their website or so people can see their location and trading hours. When working out how people are finding your business on GMB look at your Direct, Discovery and Branded results.

Direct traffic refers to people who were searching for your business name or address. Discovery traffic are those who were searching for a product or service you provide, while branded searches are those who were searching for another brand and found you.

Aside from how your customers are finding you, you want to ensure you’re seeing long-term increases in views, while a dip in customer actions may indicate you need to update your profile. Get started with a Google My Business quote for a free audit.

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89% of marketers say being able to measure and analyse results is a top priority.

However, as a business owner, you have other things to worry about — so the Nucleus dashboard from Localsearch does it all for you. Simply login and have all the results you need in one place.

Nucleus, Brought to You by Localsearch — Australia’s Premier Digital Marketing Service

At Localsearch, we deliver big business digital marketing services at small business prices. Our 100% Australian-owned digital marketing agency helps more than 300,000 Australian businesses every year, including our 28,000+ clients, bringing calm to the chaos of growing your online presence.

In our 28+ years, we’ve built relationships with the world’s biggest technology companies, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft, and have also produced our own cutting-edge products. Whether you have a profile on, a website or are tapping into one of our digital services, we’re known for our 5-star services, as seen in our 500+ online reviews. Get started with a free digital marketing quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the heat of Darwin and the crystal-clear waters of the Whitsundays to the busy streets of Melbourne and beyond, wherever you are in Australia, we can help you increase your online presence and reputation. Of course, there is a lot to know when it comes to digital marketing regardless if you’re doing it yourself or having a service like Localsearch supporting you.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, explore our website or contact our digital marketing experts today.

Nucleus is Localsearch’s all-in-one digital marketing reporting dashboard, complimentary with every marketing product. Our team of user experience specialists and developers worked tirelessly to create a reporting dashboard where business owners can sign in with one set of logins and see only the results that matter — none of the jargon, none of the vanity metrics to throw them off the trail. 

Request a demo today to see the power Nucleus can bring to your business.

The time it takes for digital marketing depends on the service and your business. For example, Google Ads can generate your enquiries from as soon as the ads go live (can is the word), while search engine optimisation (SEO) can take months for you to see any results.

Using an all-in-one reporting dashboard, like Nucleus, can help you track your results over time so you can see your long-term results and really know how digital marketing is helping your business.

Lead generation is digital marketing with the purpose of generating enquiries and leads for your business. Brand awareness is a term used to describe how familiar your target audience is with your business and what you do to improve this.

Brand awareness is as important as lead generation as consumers need a level of trust in your business before they can buy. 81% of consumers say they need trust before they buy, so the proof is in the pudding.

You can spend all the money in the world getting your business in front of people and generating leads, but if you’re not answering calls or taking days (even hours in some cases) to respond to emails, and don’t present your business face professionally, you won’t convert a single enquiry.

Before running any marketing, ensure you have someone dedicated to answering enquiries quickly who is polite and professional. Something like call tracking connected to Google Ads can help you monitor how you’re responding to phone calls generated from ads, showing you where you may be losing leads.

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