Cut Above the Rest: How Harlow & Co Expanded Services and Grew Their Team

Harlow & Co transformed from a local salon into a beauty hotspot through expanded services and team growth. By partnering with Localsearch to bolster their online presence, they've expanded their service offerings and team. Keep reading to find out how this partnership supported Harlow & Co's business goals.

Who is Harlow & Co?

Harlow & Co, established by Carmel Kestles, has become a familiar and well-loved spot in the community. Known for its exceptional service and inviting atmosphere, the salon has become a trusted place for people seeking quality hair and beauty treatments.

Project Brief: A One-Stop Shop for Hair and Beauty

With a focus on offering a complete range of hair and beauty solutions, Carmel Kestles’s next step was to expand Harlow & Co’s services beyond hairdressing. Creating a one-stop shop for people’s diverse beauty needs while accommodating the increasing demand by growing the salon’s team.

The Objective: Staying Relevant and Competitive

The hair and beauty industry is always changing. To stay ahead of the game, Harlow & Co needed to offer more services and build a stronger reputation. Carmel needed to ensure the salon remained popular and competitive in the local market by broadening its service offerings and creating a marketing strategy to showcase its offerings to more potential customers.

“We’ve definitely reached a larger audience and we’ve got more people walking through our doors, wanting the more advanced treatments that have been presented on our website.”

— Carmel Kestles, Owner of Harlow & Co

The Strategy: A Data-Driven Local Marketing Approach

Carmel teamed up with Localsearch to design a targeted plan to drive Harlow & Co’s growth. The strategy comprised several key steps:

  1. Website Revamp: Harlow & Co revamped its website to better showcase its services and improve user experience. The goal was to attract new customers by making the site visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  2. Local Search Optimisation: The website makeover also included optimisation for local search results. This involved ensuring that Harlow & Co appeared prominently in search engine results when people in the area searched for hair and beauty services.
  3. Customer-Centric Design: The salon aimed to create a user-friendly online space where visitors could easily find information and explore services. This customer-centric approach aimed to enhance satisfaction and drive bookings.

Through strategic planning and execution, Carmel and the Localsearch team aimed to establish Harlow & Co as a leading choice for hair and beauty in Coffs Harbour.

The Results

Carmel’s dedication and strategic partnership with Localsearch led to impressive results, transforming her business from a small hairdressing salon to a local favourite in the hair and beauty industry. Here’s how Harlow & Co succeeded:

Expanded Services: Harlow & Co has expanded its offerings beyond hairdressing to include a wider array of advanced treatments, catering to a broader clientele. Their new website has played a crucial role in spreading awareness about these extended services.

Team Growth: In response to increased demand, Harlow & Co has welcomed 9 additional staff members, indicating significant business growth.

Strong Online Presence: This success is a testament to the power of strategic online initiatives, with Carmel having partnered with us to build a total of 3 websites for Harlow & Co.

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