O’Brien Electrical Bendigo Expands Services in 12 Months with Google Ads

In the 12 months O'Brien Electrical Bendigo has been working with Localsearch, they've gone from not being able to see leads to an average conversion rate of 30%. Through search engine optimisation and Google Ads, this is how we've been able to help them expand.

Case Study: How working with Localsearch helped O’Brien Electrical Bendigo achieve a 30% conversion rate and expand into new services.

From O’Brien Electrical Bendigo

“We have been working with the Localsearch team for over a year now, and they have communicated with us every step of the way. From reporting on our campaign progress to tips and tricks on ways to improve our online platform, we really believe that Localsearch has made a difference in our business and the way we market to our customers. They are always friendly and helpful, and we look forward to continuing to use their services for many years to come.” 

About O’Brien Electrical Bendigo

  • Residential and commercial electrical provider. 
  • Servicing Bendigo and surrounds for 44+ years. 
  • 24/7 emergency service.
  • Expanded their air-conditioning services in early 2021. 


1. See a clear return on investment.

On hearing the results Localsearch were achieving for other O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Members as their preferred marketing provider, O’Brien Electrical Bendigo reached out to our team with a problem.

Prior to working with Localsearch in April 2020, the Bendigo electricians had been relying on traditional marketing methods with no way of tracking conversions, so no way of knowing return on investment. They had also tried running their own Google Ads, but did not have optimised tracking setup. 

Our first goal was to prove to the business exactly how expanding their digital footprint helps them. 

2. Generate leads for their soon-to-be-launched air-conditioning services.

O’Brien Electrical Bendigo told us in April 2020 they wanted to launch air-conditioning services by the end of the year. While they had found the perfect air-conditioning specialist to carry out the work, they needed more work to be able to successfully carry on with the new service.

Our second goal was to generate enough leads to substantiate O’Brien Electrical Bendigo’s expansion into air-conditioning services.

3. Drive more leads to their 24/7 emergency electrical services in Bendigo.

While O’Brien Electrical Bendigo wanted more leads and proof of these leads all-round, they were particularly interested if we could increase their enquiries after-hours. As emergency electrical services tend to be spur of the moment, traditional marketing was simply not targeted enough for them to see results, and they knew it could be done with Google Ads, if done right.

Therefore, the third main goal O’Brien Electrical Bendigo expected of Localsearch was to increase after-hours leads.

Bendigo Electricians
Some of the O’Brien Electrical Bendigo team hard on the job.


With both search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), there is on-going work needed almost daily to keep things on track and progressing well. The initial strategy for O’Brien Electrical Bendigo’s SEO and Google Ads campaigns was to ensure we established an ever-green base to help the long-term goals of the business’s digital marketing. 

Below is a snapshot into the initial optimisation. 

1.Technical audit.

Localsearch offers free website audits prior to a business coming on board. One of the first steps in a new SEO campaign is running a technical audit, which looks deeper into any issues within a website or a business’s online presence which would impact the campaign.

This initial technical audit for O’Brien Electrical Bendigo included:

  • Checking site speed and stability.
  • Assessing for any unnecessary code.
  • Ensuring the website has a current SSL certificate.
  • Assuring all plug-ins are up-to-date.
  • Scanning to ensure all backlinks are quality.

And more.

2. Location, service and time optimisation.

As a Bendigo-based electrician with specific goals for both particular services and times, it was important before running ads to have the O’Brien Electrical Bendigo website and Google My Business (GMB) optimised for these. Some of the work our Localsearch search engine optimisation and Google My Business team did to prepare for this included:

  • Optimising Google My Business for Bendigo, all-hours and the business’s electrical and air-conditioning services.
  • Increasing the volume of relevant, high-quality content on the O’Brien Electrical Bendigo website.
  • Implementing schema in the backend of the Bendigo electrical team’s website to lead search engines to critical content, like frequently asked questions.
  • Optimising the content in and positioning of headings. 
  • Targeting of after-hours audiences through Google Ads to be top of the search for those looking for an electrician after standard business hours.
  • Optimising ads for the Bendigo region and specific goal services, with exclusion of non-relevant keywords.

3. Setup Lead & Call Tracking

O’Brien Electrical Bendigo were one of the first businesses to access Localsearch’s purpose-built, all-in-one digital marketing dashboard, Nucleus. This one dashboard allows the team to log in at any time and see how many people are visiting their website, their top keywords, how they’re being found and more.

Prior to and following Nucleus being launched, the Bendigo electrical team received monthly campaign reports and check-ins with their account manager. These check-ins are crucial to ensure the goals and campaigns still align with the business’s own happenings. 


As a result of Localsearch’s SEO and Google Ads services, O’Brien Electrical Bendigo has received in the last 90 days:

  • 30% average conversion rate on Google Ads.
  • 109% increase in organic traffics from SEO efforts.
  • 65% of their Google Ads shown in top position.
  • 30,000+ organic website impressions.
  • Steady increase of impressions over time.
  • Top performing keywords in emergency and localised electrical service searches.

Aside from the numbers, the Bendigo electrical team have been able to keep track of their results and measure their return on investment via Localsearch’s purpose-built, all-in-one digital marketing dashboard, Nucleus.

Plus, they’ve been able to listen to every call they’ve received as a result of their Google Ads with Localsearch through our call tracking dashboard. This has helped them fine-tune their lead generation turnaround once received.

Are you an O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Member? 

Localsearch is the preferred marketing partner for O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Members. However, member or not, if you would like to achieve results like this, book your free digital audit to receive your obligation-free quote today.  

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