191% Increase in Website Conversions: Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing Group

Since signing up with Localsearch Ballarat Blockages and Plumbing have seen a drastic increase in their business! Read their story here.

Who are Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing Group

Founded in 2018, Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing Group has swiftly established itself as a trusted and reliable provider of plumbing services in their local community. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, the company has earned a stellar reputation for delivering prompt, affordable, and exceptional services to homeowners.

Project Brief

In an industry and region that is so heavily saturated by plumbing services, it was imperative we found a way to showcase what Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing had to offer, as well as establish them as an industry leader within their field. Finding a Digital Marketing partner that allowed them to grow their online presence on their terms and within their budget was important.

The Objective

To find a budget-friendly solution that allowed Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing Group to cement themselves as the industry leader in their region and build their online presence, all while giving them the control over their brand they wanted. Allowing them to be agile and in-touch with their consumers.

The Strategy

Working closely with Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing Group, we audited their online presence, this included everything from online directories, profiles and anywhere else their business appeared online. Next, we ran an audit on their current website, checking for speed, performance, security and more. From here it was determined that a new website and a Localsearch Business Profile were the obvious first steps in securing their goal.

The Results

Since enlisting Localsearch, Ballarat Blockages & Plumbing Group have experienced incredible growth. Let’s take a look at the results over the last 365 days:

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