The opening of a new branch supported by a strong digital presence

Find out how Localsearch strengthened Mogo Wheelchairs digital presence to support the opening of a new branch and business growth.

Find out how Localsearch strengthened Mogo Wheelchairs digital presence to support the opening of a new branch and business growth.

Who are Mogo Wheelchairs 

A 40+ year family-run business, dedicated to offering Wheelchair solutions to individuals navigating mobility challenges. Founded in Sydney and built from a traditional warmth and integrity of its Founder, Michael, with a blend of modern methodologies now held by Michael’s son and wife, Leon & Megan.

“The build of our website was so refreshingly easy and looks great thanks to the guidance of Carol and the support of the wider Localsearch team.” 

Megan Callahan

Mogo Wheelchairs Challenges:

Mogo Wheelchairs has had a number of websites over the years, however the websites built couldn’t keep up with the pace of their growing business. They felt unsupported and their expectations weren’t met, the lack of performance in their past websites left Leon & Megan slightly hesitant about diving into building a new website.

Thanks to Carol’s support, Leon & Megan now have a website that’s not only high-performing but also understands the ins and outs of best practices for website performance. They’ve learned firsthand the huge difference a functional website can make on customer satisfaction, boosting business performance and strengthening their overall digital presence to support the opening of a new branch.

Mogo Wheelchairs was looking for a team to provide support that would result in:

  • Ongoing support with marketing insights
  • A Smart website
  • Improving customer experience
  • Increasing their digital reach
  • Connecting with new customers
  • Have a digital presence that reflected the ethos of enhancing customers lifestyle and promoting independence.

How did Localsearch Support Mogo Wheelchairs?

After understanding Mogo Wheelchairs challenges and budget restrictions Carol extended her support by assisting them in establishing a Localsearch Business Profile and a Smart Website. Here’s how we worked with them every step of the way:

  1. Analysis of the current website performance and user experience
  2. Add their business to Localsearch and get to know their Localsearch for Business dashboard allowing them to track performance, manage leads, inbox, and customer feedback in one central location.
  3. Create a Smart Website that reflected their brand and streamlined their day-to-day sales and operational processes.
  4. Optimise their Website & Google Business Profile to help connect them with new customers and increase reach from a consistent brand voice.

The Results

  • Strengthened their digital presence to support the expansion of a new branch in Wollongong 
  • 13K Website Impressions over a 90-day period
  • Over 3.5K Google Business Profile search views – a 51% increase
  • Staff spending less time on website updates and marketing and more time helping customers
  • 28% increase in customers interacting with Google Business Profile
  • Consistency of brand message across their digital presence
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