O’Brien Plumbing Wyong Use SEO to Grow Team in 24 Months

O'Brien Plumbing Wyong joined Localsearch a little under 2 years ago. Since then, our Wyong digital marketing specialists have been able to help them achieve a 35% conversion rate and more! This is how we've been able to help them achieve their goals!

Case Study: How working with Localsearch digital marketing experts helped O’Brien Plumbing Wyong achieve a 35% conversion rate and dominate localised searches with a 59% impression share.

From O’Brien Plumbing Wyong

“I have had extra free time, more than usual. With the leads coming through it does mean a lot less of my time spent chasing work.”

About O’Brien Plumbing Wyong

  • Family owned and operated.
  • 40+ years of experience servicing the NSW Central Coast. 
  • 24/7 service with a $0 call-out fee. 
  • Provide plumbing and gas fitting services.


1. Generate leads so less time is spent chasing business.

When O’Brien Wyong started with Localsearch in 2019, they told us a lot of their time was spent looking for business. Their potential customers were not able to easily find them online, resulting in less leads coming in. This meant time was being spent sourcing new customers, taking them away from actually running the business. 

2. Increase awareness of their 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Emergency plumbing is not a service many people plan for, so the marketing approach for this aspect of the business had to be done differently. Operating under the O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing name, O’Brien Plumbing Wyong already had a strong brand behind them. However, their online presence did not support this as strongly as it could, especially with highlighting their 24/7 plumbing service.

3. Build and grow their team.

Increasing incoming leads would allow the O’Brien Plumbing Wyong team to expand and grow their team. This would become critically important in 2020 when maintaining work to support their current team became crucial, with growing their business through a larger team still an objective. 


1. Technical audit.

O’Brien Plumbing Wyong are utilising a combination of search engine optimisation and Google Ads with Localsearch to dominate relevant search engine results. Utilising these two search products together also helps strengthen each of them, as much of what benefits one benefits the other, so can save time when being done under one roof (i.e. by a full-suite digital marketing service like Localsearch).

The first step for both the Google Ads and SEO campaigns was to run a full audit on O’Brien Plumbing Wyong’s online presence and website. This allowed our team to find the exact pain points which would hinder the campaign, allowing the team to correct the issues and save the business money and get better results in the long-run.

For O’Brien Plumbing Wyong, we ran a technical audit including:

  • Assessing stability and site speed.
  • Checking for any unnecessary code.
  • Ensuring all plug-ins are up to date. 
  • Testing the quality of backlinks. 
  • Auditing content for quality and quantity.
  • Measuring user experience of each web page.

And more.

2. Setup internal quality control and leads tracking.

The O’Brien Plumbing Wyong team was one of the first businesses in Australia to be hooked up to Localsearch’s brand new reporting dashboard, Nucleus. While all businesses with Localsearch receive monthly reports, Nucleus allows them to see near-real time results. For O’Brien Plumbing Wyong, it meant they could see where their leads were coming from, and when and where. 

On top of Nucleus, we set-up Google Ads call tracking, enabling the business to listen to each and every call they received (or missed answering) via their search engine marketing. This not only helps the business see the quality of leads being received, but also help them create internal quality control over answering enquiries for higher lead conversion rates on their end.

3. Optimising for locals.

Placement in localised search engine results for plumbing is extremely competitive, so this would require full localisation optimisation for both their SEO and Google Ads. This can often make it expensive for businesses, however, by utilising thorough competitor analysis, our team were able to find gaps in the business’s own campaigns to balance affordability and effectiveness.


In the last 90 days, O’Brien Wyong were able to achieve the following results with the help of Localsearch’s SEO and Google Ad optimisation services: 

  • 35% conversion rate
  • 59% impression share
  • 31% Absolute Top impressions 
  • 150,000+ website impressions 
  • Top performing keywords in primary locations

The team at O’Brien Plumbing Wyong were not only able to achieve the results outlined above, but they were also able to increase awareness around their emergency 24/7 plumbing service. Since starting with Localsearch the team have been able to expand to 12 trucks and 15 team members.

Are you an O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Member? 

Localsearch is the preferred marketing partner for O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Members. However, member or not, if you would like to achieve results like this, book your free digital audit to receive your obligation-free quote today.  

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