500+ Reviews & Counting — Local Marketing Powers Expansion

Learn how Terry's Tradies leveraged the power of reputation management to support their services expansions on the Gold Coast.

Celebrating an impressive 50 years in business in 2024, Terry’s Tradies story is one all business owners can learn from. Terry’s Tradies, formally known as Terry’s Locksmith is a household name for many Gold Coasters. In fact, when we spoke to Jim Noort, owner of Terry’s Tradies, he spoke of times he’s had repeat clients from 10+ years ago enquiring about their Locksmith services, demonstrating the power of good local marketing & a strong brand.

Who are Terry’s Tradies?

Founded nearly 50 years ago, Terry’s Locksmiths established itself as a reputable and reliable locksmith service provider in the Gold Coast community. However, with changing consumer behaviours and increased competition, the company recognised the need to adapt. In 2018, Jim Noort took ownership of what was then known as Terry’s Locksmiths, and since then, the business has undergone a humble transformation. Once focusing entirely on locksmith services, Jim made the data-based decision to expand their service offerings to meet evolving customer demands.

Project Brief

The project aimed to harness the power of customer reviews to enhance Terrys Tradies’ visibility, credibility, and ultimately, its longevity in the locksmith industry. With an emphasis on strategic expansion into plumbing and electrical services under the brand “Terrys Tradies,” the challenge was not only to leverage existing customer loyalty and positive reviews but also to ensure the seamless transfer of reputation from the locksmith business to the expanded service offerings. Marketing a change like this required a tailored and targeted approach.

The Strategy

Working closely with his Digital Marketing expert, Steve, was a pivotal step in crafting a local marketing strategy that would not only drive growth but also honour the rich history and legacy of the business. Recognising the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital age, Steve and Jim identified their Localsearch Business Profile as the cornerstone of their local marketing efforts.

The first order of business was to ensure that their Localsearch Plus strategy was finely tuned for maximum impact. This involved meticulous attention to detail, starting with the basics: Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) consistency across all online platforms. They devised a comprehensive strategy for responding to reviews and inquiries promptly and professionally. Positive reviews were acknowledged with gratitude, while any concerns or criticisms were addressed with empathy and a genuine desire to resolve issues. By actively engaging with customers, Jim and his team demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction and fostered a sense of trust and loyalty among their audience.

In the second phase, Jim and Steve prioritised the development of an updated branded website to extend the trust built in the locksmith service to other offerings. They focused on creating location-specific pages to enhance local search visibility and personalise customer experiences. Ensuring consistency in branding across the site, they emphasised professionalism and integrity. Through compelling content and engaging visuals, they aimed to establish a genuine connection with visitors, inviting them to explore the business’s history and values. Customer testimonials were prominently featured, further reinforcing the business’s reputation as a trusted provider of locksmith services and beyond. Ultimately, the website served as a platform to reinforce the business’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, positioning it for continued success in the local market.

In the next phase, the team utilised Localsearch for Business to monitor the performance of all their marketing efforts from one platform. They tracked key metrics like website traffic, customer engagement, and trends, gaining valuable insights to optimise their strategy. With real-time tracking of campaign effectiveness and active solicitation of customer feedback, they ensured their marketing approach remained agile, adaptive, and effective in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

The Results

Over 4 years later, and Jim is still choosing to partner with Localsearch for all his local marketing needs. Jim and his team have collected over 500+ reviews in this time and have rightly earned themselves a place as a ‘Highly Rated Business: Trusted By Locals” on Localsearch.com.au.

Substantial Business Growth:

With a strong foundation laid for their locksmith service, Jim and Steve successfully expanded their product suite to include additional services. Thanks to their well-branded website and effective marketing strategy, they seamlessly transferred the trust and credibility earned in the locksmith sector to these new offerings

Strong Brand Reputation:

With a cohesive branding strategy implemented across all online touch points, Terry Tradies bolstered their brand reputation and recognition in the local market. Consistent messaging, high-quality imagery, and a commitment to excellence conveyed professionalism and reliability, positioning their business as a trusted authority in their industry.

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