+500% Increase in Leads & a 27 Year Partnership

CKS Electrical and Airconditioning in Central Australia has been partnering with Localsearch for their local marketing needs for 27+ years.

Who are CKS Electrical & Airconditioning

CKS Electrical & Airconditioning, a trusted family-owned business passed down over generations, is dedicated to providing Central Australia with high-quality repair, service, and installation of their products. Driven by a deep passion for supporting local communities, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service at a competitive rate. CKS Electrical & Airconditioning takes pride in stocking only the latest, most efficient air-conditioning brands. Established in 1981, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning has worked with Localsearch through multiple generations, maintaining an incredible partnership of over 27 years.

The Challenges of Being an Electrical and Air Conditioning Business in Central Australia

Being an electrical and air conditioning business in Central Australia presents unique challenges that require careful navigation. One of the primary hurdles is the need to establish a strong online presence. As the digital landscape expanded, CKS Electrical & Air Conditioning recognised the need to adapt their marketing strategies. While they had previously relied on traditional methods such as print directories, they soon realised the increasing importance of establishing a strong digital presence. In today’s digital age, ensuring that potential clients can easily locate a business online is crucial for visibility and growth.

This task can be particularly demanding for a family-owned business that must allocate time and resources effectively. Balancing the demands of running a family business while dedicating attention to online marketing and maintaining an active digital presence can be really challenging.

To overcome these challenges, the family sought out digital marketing strategies to help scale their business and reach a broader customer base. Providing a wide range of services, Localsearch played an important role in enhancing CKS Electrical & Airconditioning’s performance in the digital realm. One of the key contributions was the creation of their Localsearch Business Profile.

The Strategy:

Step 1: Claim Profile their Free Profile

CKS Electrical & Airconditioning was looking to increase their digital presence and customer base, so they claimed their Localsearch Business Profile.

To claim their profile, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning simply added their business and verified their account, including their business name, industry, service categories, contact, and location details. Being able to update their information at any time allowed the family to save time while improving their digital performance.

Step 2: Populate their Profile

By populating their profile, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning enhanced their visibility and customer interaction. They listed various business categories on their company profile, which boosted their SEO and engagement.

CKS Electrical & Airconditioning attained a perfect 100% profile completion for the Profile Health Score by providing comprehensive information in all sections, including trading hours, customised contact details, products, services, payment methods, social accounts, and amenities.

The company’s attention to detail ensured that customers can easily access all the necessary information in one place. This made it easy to reach customers, built up the business’ reputation, and further enhanced overall digital presence and engagement.

Step 3: Optimise Your Profile

In their commitment to profile optimisation, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning consistently went above and beyond to maximise their online presence.

To accomplish this, the company posted updates regularly which helped encourage more people to contact the business. Additionally, all reviews, quotes and inquiries were responded to quickly. This is really important as studies show you need at least 20-50 reviews to win over customers.

As a result of these efforts, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning successfully optimised their profile, ensuring visibility not only on Localsearch but also on the Localsearch App, Google search results, and other platforms. This multi-channel approach enhanced their overall business prospects and strengthened their reach in the digital landscape.

The Results:

Through these efforts, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning has experienced impressive business growth, establishing themselves as industry leaders in Central Australia.

The Localsearch Business Profile offers an exclusive tool, Localsearch for Business. This tool has been providing CKS Electrical & Airconditioning with comprehensive insights showcasing the growth of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions and further drive their growth trajectory.

Improved Work-Life Balance:

As a family-owned business, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning faced the challenge of balancing the demands of running a business with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. By partnering with Localsearch and leveraging their expertise in digital marketing, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning was able to streamline their marketing efforts and reclaim valuable time for personal pursuits and family activities. This improved work-life balance allowed the business owners to take a step back from their hectic schedules and live their lives to the fullest.

Data Driven Growth:

Localsearch for Business provided CKS Electrical & Airconditioning with comprehensive insights into the growth and performance of their business. These insights empowered the company to make informed decisions and further drive their growth trajectory. By leveraging data-driven analytics and performance metrics, CKS Electrical & Airconditioning gained valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and competitive dynamics, enabling them to optimise their marketing strategies and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

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