Melynda Franstedt

Digital Marketing Specialist

Melynda Franstedt has been a well-loved member of the Localsearch team for more than 5 years. Her love of helping Australian businesses grow has given her the drive to invest her time and energy in learning the latest and greatest ways of marketing a business online.

“I have been fortunate enough to see businesses grow and thrive due to the fact they have taken my advice and entrusted me with their marketing strategy when it comes to the digital world. To put it plainly, I love the trust that clients have in me and in Localsearch!”

As well as her training with Localsearch, Mel is a Google My Business Academy graduate. This has helped her become an expert in the different ways Cairns businesses can get themselves seen by locals.

Besides being a Localsearch Digital Marketing Specialist, Mel is also a certified Scuba Diving Instructor. When she isn’t helping Cairns businesses, you can most surely find her in the sea or in the great outdoors. 

Besides understanding the needs of different Australian businesses, Melynda also enjoys educating her clients about digital marketing and why it is vital to their business. Melynda is a happy chap, who says every day is a gift, no matter how good or bad it is. While she enjoys all the outdoor activities Australia has to offer, it’s her family — relatives and Localsearch — she says she couldn’t live without.

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