Kailah Lythgoe

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kailah Lythgoe has been with Localsearch for nearly eight years, winning multiple awards within the company for her excellent mentality and skill when it comes to helping Australian businesses in her care. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, she loves helping her clients and see the smile on their face when they succeed.

“Assisting people to achieve their life goals in running a successful business is extremely rewarding. I particularly enjoy working with start up businesses and getting them found as a new entity.”

Kailah enjoys working with both small and established businesses, bringing calm to the chaos of digital marketing for any sized business.

“On the contrary, I also enjoy working with established businesses to better their marketing strategies and relieve their stress by outsourcing through Localsearch.”

Kailah is a car enthusiast herself, which makes her love for living a fast-paced lifestyle come at no surprise. In both her personal and professional life, she is driven to succeed herself and help others succeed. Whenever anyone’s in need of a helping hand, Kailah is always there to offer hers; she’s helped raise money and volunteer during our country’s bushfires, droughts, floods and more.

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