Jo Sutton

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jo Sutton is a go-getter, both in life and when it comes to helping her clients’ businesses. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Jo knows how to connect businesses with the right solutions to help them reach their goals and beyond.

She feels the most rewarding part of her role is in her meetings 3 months after her client’s initial campaign launch, when they explain how the digital marketing campaign was a game changer for their business. Jo says it’s rewarding because it makes her feel like she’s attributed to their success story, and is proud of her clients when they’re proud of themselves.

“I’m a high-energy and helpful solutions person who loves a good conversation. I have a curious disposition by nature, so I have the attitude of “why can’t it be done” and “let’s look at a way we can make it happen,” rather than an “it can’t be done” attitude.”

When she’s not tackling different obstacles with her clients, Jo can be found relaxing at the beach with her family, or learning some new moves while salsa dancing. Call out for Jo and she’ll be there. Even when things go wrong, Jo always has a positive attitude — or as she says, “…throw me out of a plane and you will hear me on the ground ya-hooing. Love people and helping people.”

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