NEW Instagram Updates, Google ‘Find Places Through Reviews’ & More 

8 July, 2022

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Instagram has recently released several new updates benefitting users who love Reels.

Google is also trialling a new feature to help people find more businesses in their area.

This week, the top business and marketing news highlights were:

  • Instagram Trials ‘NEW’ Badge
  • Google Tests ‘Find Places Through Reviews’
  • Spotify Tests In-App Podcast Creation Tool
  • Snapchat+ has Officially Launched
  • Access to More Instagram Reels Templates Option
  • NEW ‘Brand Connect Playbook’ for Twitter
  • Google Search Console Insights Now Supports Google Analytics 4
  • YouTube Updates

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 4 July to 8 July 2022

Instagram Trials ‘NEW’ Badge

Instagram has recently added a badge feature to identify if the account is new to the platform.

Google Tests ‘Find Places Through Reviews’

Google is testing a new ‘find places through reviews‘ carousel for Google Business Profile reviews. The search engine results page (SERP) feature utilises keywords in the reviews to showcase businesses in your area.

Learn more: Google My Business Optimisation 

Spotify Tests In-App Podcast Creation Tool

Spotify is trialling a new tool allowing users to record, edit and publish podcasts directly from the app.

Trials for the podcast creation tool were introduced to New Zealand last month where users would have options to “Record podcast” or “Create playlist”.

Snapchat+ Has Officially Launched

Snapchat’s latest subscription service, Snapchat+, provides users access to pre-release features, profile badges and insights.

The subscription costs $3.99 a month and other features include:

  • The ability to see who has rewatched your story.
  • The ability to pin a ‘Best Friend’ to your profile.

Access to More Instagram Reels Templates Option

Instagram expands access to Reels Templates and adds NEW music recommendations (based on popular trends) for Reels Clips.

Users should start seeing the template option in the Reels camera and be prompted to utilise the frame-by-frame process.

NEW ‘Brand Connect Playbook’ for Twitter

Twitter has published a new marketing guide to running successful Twitter Ads.

The Brand Connect Playbook covers:

  • Data and audience insights.
  • How-tos trends & events.
  • Case studies.
  • Best Twitter Ad formats.
  • Cost & Bidding breakdown.

Download the Brand Connect Playbook. 

Google Search Console Insights Now Supports Google Analytics 4

People who use Google Analytics 4 for their sites can now access data in Google Search Console Insights.

Now users can see a thorough overview of how people discover your content across the web in the Search Console Insights report.

YouTube Updates

YouTube has released Shorts analytics, new comparative audience tools and updated artist and songwriter listings.

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