NEW Edit Button for Twitter, Google Removes GMB App & More

8 April, 2022

8 mins read

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Thanks to a tweet made by Elon Musk, Twitter has confirmed an edit button will be coming to the platform. 

Google will be discontinuing the Google My Business app in light of the platform transitioning to the Google Business Profile. So how should users access their Google Business Profile now?

In this week’s business and marketing news, we also saw:

  • Google Adds New Tools to Limit Misinformation Online
  • Professional Profiles for Twitter Users
  • Google Discontinues Google My Business App
  • Google Cloud Launches Retail Search
  • Google Business Profile Australia Insight
  • Twitter to Add an Edit Button
  • Meta Launches ‘Share to Reels’ Option for Third-Party Developers
  • NEW Privacy Settings Walkthrough for Google Chrome
  • Unlinked Mentions Verses Links for Better Google Rankings

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This Week’s Marketing & Business News Highlights — 4 April 2022 to 8 April 2022

Google Adds New Tools to Limit Misinformation Online

Google aims to limit the reach of misinformation online by adding alerts for articles that may be misleading. There will be a ‘Highly Cited’ article label in Top Stories plus a Fact Check Explorer tool for topics users have questions about.

Some of the new features users will start seeing include:

  • A notice alert on recent news stories to searchers that the facts are still being clarified.
  • A ‘Highly Cited’ label for publications in top stories, to help users find the references. 
  • A New Fact Check Explorer tool where users can search a topic they are wanting more information on.

Professional Profiles for Twitter Users

All users can now change their accounts to Professional Profiles on Twitter. Having a Professional Profile account allows users to display their business information, add products and turn on a newsletter feature, as well as see more details analytics.

The Professional Profile feature used to only be available for selected accounts. Now anyone can adapt their Twitter account via settings.

Google Discontinues Google My Business App

Google will be removing the Google My Business (GMB) App as the platform updates to Google Business Profile. Users will be able to manage their Google Business Profile on Google Maps and Search.

The removal of the GMB app is another major change from Google My Business’s migration to Google Business Profile announcement made in November 2021.

Google Cloud Launches Retail Search

Google Cloud has released a discovery solution for online retailer’s websites called Retail Search. This new tool will optimise your website and mobile apps with Google-quality search technologies.

Google Business Profile Australia

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, helps people find your business through local Google Search. Read more about the platform’s benefits via our Google My Business Australia webpage. 

Twitter is Adding an Edit Button

An edit button for tweets will soon be a reality. The upgrade will enable users to fix any typos or errors in a tweet without deleting any replies, retweets or likes.

Only Twitter Blue users will be able to use the Edit button while it’s in the testing phase.

Meta Launches ‘Share to Reels’ Option for Third-Party Developers

Meta is adding the ability to post Reels from third-party apps. Several of Meta’s partners have already integrated the “Sharing to Reels” button in their apps.

NEW Privacy Settings Walkthrough for Google Chrome

Google is adding a new “step-by-step guided tour” of privacy and security settings in Chrome. This new user-friendly tool will also include separate pages about some settings, each containing descriptions of what happens when a feature is turned on.

Unlinked Mentions Versus Links for Better Google Rankings

If your business and services are mentioned online without linking to your website, does Google still treat it like a link? Google’s John Mueller states brand mentions are not a link, so Google treats them differently. However, unlinked mentions of your business or a name can still be good publicity for your business as users still might search for your site on their own accord.

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