Meta’s Crackdown on ‘Watchbait’, Aus Federal Budget 2022 & More

1 April, 2022

9 mins read

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Have you been a victim to ‘watchbait’ tactics? The louring technique will be getting the boot from the Meta algorithm due to updated guidelines.

Plus, the Federal Budget has been a popular topic for Australians this week. But how will the budget impact Australian small businesses?

In this week’s business and marketing news, we also saw:

  • Google removes 50% of Irrelevant Search Results. 
  • Instagram tests fully integrated feed.
  • Meta’s new crackdown on misleading ‘watchbait’.
  • New Google features for eCommerce brands.
  • 2022–2023 Federal Budget for Small Businesses.
  • New tools for creators on LinkedIn.
  • TikTok partners with GIPHY.

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This Week’s Marketing & Business News Highlights — 28 March 2022 to 1 April 2022

Google Claims to Have Removed 50% of Irrelevant Search Results

A statement was released by Google this week, saying they have reduced irrelevant search results by over 50% in seven years. Google’s updates and experiments are for improving search quality and relevancy.

With the constant development of Google Search, it is always great to hear about Google’s housekeeping. Having 50% of irrelevant search results removed helps online businesses raise their rankings in Google search.

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Full-Screen Main Feed Test for Instagram

Instagram might look a little different soon, as the testing for a fully-integrated Instagram home feed has begun. The newsfeed would include regular feed posts, Stories and Reels all within a single flow.

The feed test shows to be true to the goals of the platform this year. As Adam Mosseri mentioned back in December, one of Instagram’s main focuses for 2022 includes consolidating all of its video formats around Reels.

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Meta Cracks Down on ‘Watchbait’

Watchbait tactics used for posts or videos on Facebook are on Meta‘s radar.

Titles and descriptions withholding, sensationalising or containing misleading information may be flagged and result in limitations for the page’s overall reach.

Meta further describes characteristics of video titles that would be on its watchbait radar:

  • His Reaction Was Priceless!! 😂😂
  • And then his GF did this!!!

Google Adds New Features for eCommerce Brands

Google will be rolling out more tools for eCommerce brands, including a new rating program for online shopping experience plus additional insights into key product trends.

2022–2023 Federal Budget for Small Businesses

The Australian Government delivered the 2022–2023 Federal Budget this week. Some of the highlights for small businesses include:

1. Small-and-medium-sized businesses will be eligible for a temporary tax deduction of up to 120% to spend on training and new technology.

2. New apprentices will receive $5,000 payments over a two year period, while employers who take on these apprentices will receive up to $15,000 in wage subsidies.

See the full list and how the Federal Budget funding allocations will impact small businesses via our How the 2022–2023 Federal Budget Impacts Your Business blog.

Easter Marketing Ideas for Businesses

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LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Creators

LinkedIn will be rolling out new features on the platform with improved content analytics, a new profile video tools, subscriber bell for update notifications and a newsletter showcase.

LinkedIn have seen “nearly 50 percent increase in the number of people following people who have turned on creator mode, and a nearly 30 percent increase in the engagement on content created by people with creator mode turned on”.

TikTok Partners with GIPHY

TikTok’s latest partnership has allowed the platform to launch a new Library tool for users to access video clips from GIPHY’s library. TikTok Library will roll out this week on Android and next week on iOS.

GIPHY has also integrated with TikTok with other features, including a green screen and sticker. The partnership will allow TikTok users to place GIFs on top of or behind their content.

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