LinkedIn Automatic Captions, Google My Ad Centre & More

31 October, 2022

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LinkedIn released several new features to assist people with accessibility needs.

While one of Google’s new tool will help users hide ads they do not want to see. 

Here are the latest updates for this week’s business, tech and marketing news, including:

  • Google Launches ‘My Ads Center’
  • LinkedIn Adds Automatic Captions to Videos
  • Meta Launches 6 Updates to Facebook Groups
  • YouTube Announces Design Changes & UI Updates
  • 4 NEW Ad Placement Options in the App Store
  • NEW Meta Tools for Intellectual Property (IP) Detection

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 24 October to 28 October 2022

Google Launches ‘My Ads Center’

Google has launched its new ‘My Ads Center’ tool to help users have more control over the ads they want to see.

Users can now disable targeted advertising without giving up personalised searches. Access more information on My Ad Center via Google’s Your ads, your choice blog

LinkedIn Adds Automatic Captions to Videos

LinkedIn to improve accessibility for LinkedIn users by including auto-captions for video content.

More features to improve user accessibility include:

  • High-contrast resolution option on videos to adjust colours.

  • Alt-text functionality for adding descriptions to image ads.

Meta Launches 6 Updates to Facebook Groups

The six new tools and features Meta released in Facebook Groups include:

  1. Reels in Facebook Groups.
  2. Share Facebook Group events to Instagram stories.
  3. Customise Facebook Group profiles.
  4. Recognise Facebook Group community members.
  5. Updates to the Admin Assist tool.
  6. Allow group members to post content that was flagged by Facebook.

YouTube Announces Design Changes & UI Updates

YouTube is rolling out new features with the intent to make the app feel “cleaner and more lively”.

4 NEW Ad Placement Options in the App Store

Apple now has four new ad placement options for ads in the App Store, including:

  • Today tab.
  • Search tab.
  • Search results.
  • Product pages (while browsing).

NEW Meta Tools for Intellectual Property (IP) Detection

Meta wants to help brands protect their Intellectual Property (IP) by improving its Brand Rights Protection Manager tool.

The IP updates include new functionalities found in the Digital Strategy and Social Marketing tabs.

TikTok Launches TikTok Academy for Marketers

This week, short-video social media platform TikTok announced the launch of TikTok Academy. The virtual global education platform is designed to help marketers, businesses and those using TikTok as a monetary stream to grow, regardless of their size or specialisation.

TikTok Academy’s first educational curriculum is set to be TikTok 101, giving those who undertake the 2 to 4-hour course an overview of the platform’s best practices and how it can help brands grow. There is also a Small Business Course available, spread over four 15-minute lessons. 

Searches for ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ Gains Momentum

Google Trends data is showing searches for ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ and other festive searches are sharply increasing. 

It’s a reminder to marketers and businesses that if you haven’t started your Christmas marketing, you may already be falling behind. 

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Searches for Christmas Gift Ideas on the Rise
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