Improve Your Google Search Results with a Google Premier Partner

15 November, 2018

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Google Premier Partner Localsearch

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With so many agencies and specialists claiming they can get you better Google search results, it can be hard to know who to trust. Google knows this. To help businesses determine the cream of the crop, the popular search engine created Google Partners.

Most agencies, digital services or third-parties who manage Google Ads accounts can join the Google Partners program. Once they have joined the program, they are able to qualify for a Google Partner badge, or the higher achievement of a Google Premier Partner badge.

While qualifying for a Google Partner badge is a big step for any search engine marketing (SEM) provider, becoming a Google Premier Partner is even bigger. Find out why and the reason you want a Google Premier Partner behind your search campaigns.

What exactly is the Google Partner and Google Premier Partner badge?

As we mentioned above, the Google Partners program identifies agencies and digital services who consistently produce amazing results for their clients. There are a number of criteria an agency or digital service has to meet before they can qualify, first, for a Google Partner badge, and then, a Google Premier Partner badge.

Requirements of a Google Partner

Why is having a Google Premier Partner badge so important?

A Google Partner badge is the Michelin Star of the search engine marketing world. Being qualified by Google as a Premier Partner is like having two Michelin Stars. It’s a pretty big deal.

If you went to a Michelin Star restaurant, you would expect a top-notch meal, right? Well, you can set the same expectations of a digital service with a Google Premier Partner badge. Qualifying for a Google Premier Partner badge opens the digital service up to more opportunities to fine tune their skills, such as how to help new businesses breaking into Google search marketing.

Here are just some of the many benefits of being a Google Partner versus a Google Premier Partner, as listed by Google:

Benefits of a Google Premier Partner

The success of your Google search campaigns can be jeopardised by a digital agency missing out on the latest and greatest updates. A Google Premier Partner never misses out, if they’re on the ball.

Localsearch: A Google Premier Partner

By achieving our Google Premier Partner status, we have been able to help even more small-to-mid-sized businesses grow their business using Google search products. One of the things the badge has allowed us to do is unite with Google to create events for our clients to attend to learn more about future proofing their business.

For one of our most recent events, Google Australia’s very own Digital Brand and Marketing Specialist, Charles Lorigan, came with us to Rockhampton; where we happened to open our doors more than 25 years ago. It was a great honour for us and we were proud to give back to the communities who have supported us for so many years.Localsearch Google Event Charles Lorigan

Interested in our next Google Australia and Localsearch event? Register your interest here.

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