Localsearch Takes Google to Regional Australia

24 October, 2018

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Localsearch Google Event Charles Lorigan

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Localsearch and Google Australia have joined forces to host a first-of-its-kind Google event in Mackay and Rockhampton. The national digital marketing service and online search giant covered digital marketing and future-proofing small businesses.

“Running a business is hard work. It’s even harder taking your business digital,” says Localsearch Co-Founder Daniel Stoten. “I know, because I had to do it myself. The online space feels chaotic, there are so many choices and many business owners don’t know where to start. Localsearch has successfully transitioned to digital, and we want to help other businesses get online to reach their customers easier, further and faster.”

These events saw Google Australia’s Digital Brand and Marketing Specialist, Charles Lorigan, Localsearch Director of Marketing, Adam Boote, and Localsearch Head of Search Strategy, Stuart Brown, sit down with over 70 business owners to discuss the future of digital marketing and how their businesses can make the shift.

Head of Search Strategy and event speaker, Stuart Brown, says he enjoyed seeing the ‘aha’ moment; when a business owner finds clarity in a seemingly complex topic such as digital marketing.

“It was great to see people who walked in feeling overwhelmed, walk out calm and confident, even excited about their business’s future and direction,” says Mr Brown.


Localsearch Director of Marketing Adam Boote says the events were a huge success, and created a sense of nostalgia for the Localsearch team.

“What better way to celebrate 25 years of helping regional businesses than to bring our experts right to their door, where Localsearch first began?” says Mr Boote, “It was easy to see the value these events bring to regional businesses that may be struggling to get themselves a digital presence or take the first step.”

“This is just the beginning,” he added, “watch this space as there will be more events like this to come!”

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