David Lynn

Sales Enablement Lead

Allow us to introduce you to David Lynn, an essential member driving Localsearch’s sales enablement effort. Since 2006, David has been a dedicated advocate for Australian business growth within our team. He has honed his skills through a background in marketing education.

“I take great pride in the outcomes we generate for businesses; there’s a strong sense of satisfaction in providing a website that achieves a significant Google ranking.”

In addition to his digital expertise, David possesses a diverse range of experiences that enrich his role. His involvement in various industries such as wholesale confectionery, soft drinks, coffee, and cleaning chemicals highlights his adaptability and well-rounded perspective.

David supports our digital marketing specialists by generously sharing his in-depth knowledge gained from his extensive experience.

David Lynn isn’t just a Sales Enablement Lead; he’s a devoted partner in Australian business growth, an advocate for success and a skilled expert in navigating the digital marketing landscape.

Localsearch is 100% Australian owned.

In our more than 25 years, we have helped more than 300,000 Australian businesses. This couldn’t be possible without our incredible team of digital marketing experts. Learn more about our leadership team and how they help shape the future of marketing in Australia.

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