T&A Mechanical Break the Mould

6 November, 2018

5 mins read

Troy with Trent and Alicia of T&A Mechanical Localsearch

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How many businesses in Australia do you think have less than 19 employees? In 2016, the answer was 97.4%. Of these, only around 50.1% had a web presence, while 38.2% had social media.

In 2017, the number of trading businesses went up by 3.1%, however those with a web presence only went by around 1 to 2%. Why? Because digital marketing is chaotic for anyone—let alone someone just starting their business. There’s so many options out there and it all seems too expensive. Too hard. Until they find Localsearch.

25 years ago, we opened the doors to Localsearch in the town of Rockhampton. In our time, we’ve seen the tools for growing a business change, but the outcome and needs have stayed the same. People want simple, affordable and effective marketing options without the stress. We give them that…like we did for Trent and Alicia from T&A Mechanical.

Meet Trent and Alicia, owners of T&A Mechanical

When we met Trent and Alicia, they didn’t have a scrap of marketing in place. They are one of many mechanics in Dubbo, and even with their amazing service, relying on word of mouth wasn’t doing the job. As well as running a business, Trent and Alicia have a family to take care of—and they were lost at how to grow both at the same time.

This is why we do what we do—to help people, like Trent and Alicia, grow their business while still having time to spend with their family. For T&A Mechanical, they had Troy, one of our local digital consultants guide them through every question, query and concern. In every one of our 40+ markets, we have consultants, like Troy, there to help you.

These consultants understand your way of life and your customers as they come from your community themselves. They will make a time to come meet with you, sit down and really get to know your business. What problems you face. Where you want your business to be in the next 3, 6, 12, 24 months. Your relationship with your Localsearch consultant is built on trust and most importantly, honesty. We’re not just a digital marketing service—we’re your partner in growing your business online.

T&A Mechanical Today

As you can see in the video above, Trent and Alicia now have time to be involved with their family and their business. Business has grown so much, they’re now able to build their dream workshop and take on more employees.

Through their partnership with Troy and our team back at Localsearch HQ, T&A Mechanical is now a successful, growing small business.

Check out this case study to learn more about the steps we took to help Trent and and Alicia of T&A Mechanical get back on their feet.

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