Google Search’s New Shopping Features Ahead of Holiday Season

2 November, 2022

5 mins read

New Google Shopping Features

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Google Search is adding a new label on Shopping search results to highlight coupons and promotions — yay, sales!

73% of Aussie Millennials alone say they use coupons while shopping online, so this new feature to the Google Shopping Network is something business owners need to be using.

The data around the new Google Shopping feature is centred around U.S. consumers, however, this is a feature we’ll be looking forward to receiving in Australia very soon.

For businesses utilising Google Ads with Localsearch to increase their online presence, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. If you’re not currently tapping into our award-winning team, sign up for the FREE Localsearch Digital Newsletter to stay in the loop.

Google’s New Shopping Search Features Businesses Need to Know About

Coupon & Promotion Labels

Google is adding a promotion badge to products in Google Shopping search results running a promotion. For example, you may see “15% off with coupon code HOLIDAYS.”

You will also be able to easily copy promo codes with their coupon clipping feature.

This badge can be added by eCommerce businesses in their Google Merchant Center in the coming weeks.

Interestingly enough, Bing added similar labels back in August, so it’s a reminder not to forget this other lesser-used search engine. Remember, Bing accrued more than $8.53 billion in search advertising in the 2021 fiscal year, so it’s not one to ignore in your marketing plan this 2022 holiday season.

Localsearch’s Head of Digital Performance, Caylee Pharoah, says these features are ideal for small businesses who feel they get overlooked for big companies online.

“Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen more businesses than ever sell products online, from hairdressers selling products online to plumbers selling bidets! Google’s focus on making it easier for shoppers to compare products and see offers easily is great for these small businesses who often get shadowed by the good guys by name alone.”

New Discount and Coupon Tags on Google Shopping

Deal Comparison Option

U.S. eCommerce website holders utilising the Google Shopping Network will love a new comparison feature being rolled out in November 2022.

Those searching in the Google Shopping tab will be able to see product deals side-by-side, rather than one-by-one and individually having to compare.

While the feature is exclusive to the U.S. this month, we’re expecting to see the feature in Australia soon.

Price Insights Feature 

Google Shopping Users will soon be able to compare product prices between different merchants. The search engine will display a ‘typical price’ so users can see the average price, and then the list of products with their prices to see who stands out for being a lower or higher price, or who is running an offer.

This is a great feature to tap into if you heavily market ‘having the lowest prices.’

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