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29 November, 2022

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The new year is fast approaching, and we have a content calendar that will get you off to a great start once it arrives.

From Global Belly Laugh Day to World Braille Day, January has a range of both fun and important days you can recognise on your social media. Take a moment now to prepare your social content for January and save yourself some much-needed time to relax these holidays.

Download your FREE January 2023 Content Planner here.

If you follow the link, you will find we have included some free post templates you can modify to suit your business when creating social media content in January.

Important Dates for Your January 2023 Content Planner

New Year’s Day: Sunday, 1 January 2023

Surprise, surprise — New Year’s Day is celebrated on the first day of the new year, as the name hints.

Throughout Australia, the public holiday is celebrated with midnight fireworks and festivities with loved ones. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to start the year off right with their customers, as many Australians use this day to make resolutions and goals for the year ahead.

Ways to recognise New Year’s Day on social media:

  • Reflect on your favourite workplace moments throughout 2022 and create a short reel to share on social media.
  • Share your business’s New Year’s resolutions or goals for the year ahead.
  • Whatever your industry, this is great opportunity to thank your customers for their support during 2022 and share your plans for 2023.
  • Ask your followers what they would like to see from your business in 2023.

World Braille Day: Wednesday, 4 January 2023

World Braille Day is recognised on the 4 January to honour the birth of the inventor of Braille, Louis Braille. The day raises awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication, which has brightened the lives of millions of people globally who are blind or visually impaired. Treat this day as a reminder to ensure your business caters for these people.

Ways to recognise World Braille Day on social media:

  • Share some interesting facts about Braille to educate your followers and raise awareness.
  • Even if you work in hospitality, you could create a reel of the braille in and around your business along with their meanings to spread awareness.
  • Showcase how your business aims to be inclusive, including any inclusivity features on your website or modifications to your physical location.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Wednesday, 11 January 2023

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is specifically dedicated to raising awareness and prevention of the persistent issue of human trafficking. More than 30 million people are suspected to be currently enslaved across the world, and this number is growing.

Ways to recognise National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on social media:

  • Share important facts about human trafficking to reduce common misconceptions about the issue.
  • Post a snippet from a documentary about human trafficking with a link for your followers to watch the full video.
  • For some businesses, it may be ideal to use the occasion to share tips on how to stay safe in suspect environments or situations.

Global Belly Laugh Day: Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Who doesn’t love a good belly laugh? On Global Belly Laugh Day, laughing and smiling are encouraged and celebrated. As positive laughter fuels positive energy, creativity and connection, take advantage of this day to connect with and make a positive impression on your followers.

Ways to recognise Global Belly Laugh Day on social media:

  • Create a post with some of your team’s favourite comedy movies or funny jokes.
  • If you work in the medical industry, share the health benefits from laughing.
  • If all else fails, share a few funny videos from YouTube or TikTok to share the joy with your followers.

National Opposite Day: Wednesday, 25 January 2023

National Opposite Day celebrates a fun day where you can say the opposite of what you actually mean. This is an excellent opportunity to make those around you laugh by saying the opposite of what you would usually say. Even if you work in retail, you could share on social media that you are NOT having a sale for opposite day.

Ways to recognise National Opposite Day on social media:

  • Share an obviously opposite statement about your business, making sure to include #nationaloppositeday, such as the one above.
  • Create a reel of your team members receiving an award that is opposite. For example, give the ‘LEAST funny’ award to the office clown or the ‘tech EXPERT’ award to the person that always has technology troubles.
  • If you work in the education sector, create a reel of your students playing a game for opposite day.

Australia Day: Thursday, 26 January 2023

Australia Day is acknowledged every year on the 26 January as a public holiday. It is important to remember this day is a sensitive topic for many and opposing sides can become heated on social media. So, keep this in mind when creating your social content for the day.

Ways to recognise Australia Day on social media:

  • Update your followers with your opening hours for the public holiday.
  • We live in a beautiful country, so share some photos of your city.

Data Privacy Day: Saturday, 28 January 2023

Data Privacy Day is a necessary reminder at the beginning of each year to make safeguarding our personal information a priority. Although our offline and online lives continue to blend, most of us give little thought to our data privacy until after our personal information has been comprised.

Ways to recognise Data Privacy Day on social media:

  • Share some facts about the importance of data privacy.
  • Share ways to protect one’s date privacy.
  • Whatever your industry, make a post reassuring your followers you take their data privacy very seriously and list the guidelines you follow.
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