YouTube Promotions Tab, Latest Instagram Tests & More

6 September, 2022

6 mins read

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YouTube’s new promotion tab trial could be a game changer for businesses to promote their videos on the platform.

Plus, Instagram has been testing tools to help users hide annoying sponsored posts while providing best practices to expand post reach with recommended content.

This week’s business, tech and marketing news includes:

Twitter Tests New Professional Account Options

  • Pin Comments on LinkedIn
  • Vimeo x Meta Business Suite
  • YouTube Tests NEW ‘Promotions’ Tab
  • NEW Format for Publisher Links on Twitter
  • Instagram’s Latest Tests
  • TikTok’s NEW Guidance for Brand Video Series
  • NEW Meta Customer Support Division

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 29 August to 2 September

Twitter Tests New Professional Account Options

Twitter is rolling out new Professional Accounts tools in the app to help users to grow and strengthen their presence on Twitter.

Some of the new professional account tools users will be able to access include More link buttons, shopping tools and a location spotlight.

Pin Comments on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has welcomed the popular ‘Pin Comment‘ feature to its platform. Users can now Pin their own or another’s comment to the top of their reply chain.

This can be useful for highlighting responses, giving more context to a post and encouraging website visits.

Vimeo x Meta Business Suite

Meta-platform users can create, customise and schedule content within Meta Business Suite x Vimeo.

Vimeo’s latest collaboration with Meta allows users to create Facebook Ads, Instagram posts and more, directly within Meta Business Suite.

YouTube Tests NEW ‘Promotions’ Tab

YouTube is testing an easier way to promote content via YouTube Studio instead of using Google Ads Manager.

If the YouTube promotions tab is integrated into the platform’s video performance data, this new feature could prompt businesses to promote more of their YouTube content.

NEW Format for Publisher Links on Twitter

Twitter is testing a new “Tweet Tiles” display, which will facilitate new visual formats for tweeted links.

Tweet Tiles could have the potential to drive more engagement and clicks for Twitter users.

Instagram’s Latest Tests

Instagram is thinking up more ways to keep users happy by testing to improve users’ control over suggested posts.

The latest Instagram tests for suggested posts include:

  • Trialling of a new “Not Interested” button for users to mark posts they do not want to see.
  • New option to hide suggested posts containing key terms.

The platform has also published best practices for content to be eligible for recommended content.

In summary, the Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri explains content can only be eligible for Recommendations if:

  • The user follows recommendations guidelines.
  • The user follows community guidelines.
  • The user’s account is public.
  • The content is original.
  • Users follow best practices for Reels.
  • The text and hashtags are optimised for search.

TikTok’s NEW Guidance for Brand Video Series

TikTok has released a three-step video series for business owners who want to use the platform for marketing.

TikTok’s tips include:

1. How to create a TikTok video in 7 steps.
2. How to create a TikTok Business Account.
3. How to create a TikTok Ads Manager account.

NEW Meta Customer Support Division

Meta is in the early stages of building a new customer-service division to provide direct advice and assistance for Facebook and Instagram users.

Users can now look forward to a faster way to resolve account issues and concerns in the near future.

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