Google ‘Helpful’ Content Update, Product Review Update & More

29 August, 2022

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Google has got people talking yet again with the latest ‘helpful’ updates soon to be released.

The helpful updates are designed to push new, relevant and honest content to the top of Google’s rankings. So, what does that mean for your website when the update goes live?

This week’s business, tech and marketing news includes:

  • Google’s Helpful Content Update 
  • Google’s August 2022 Product Review Update 
  • Google Search Console’s Video Indexing Report is Live 
  • NEW Shopping Checkout Process on Pinterest 
  • NEW YouTube Podcast Section 
  • LinkedIn’s 20 Most Popular Courses Are Now FREE 
  • TikTok Tests a ‘Nearby’ Content Feed 
  • Find ‘Popular on Twitter’ in Google Search 

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 22 August to 26 August

Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google’s helpful content update is designed to highlight more valuable results instead of clunky keyword-matching content. Surface quality/helpful reviews in Search results.

How to ensure you’re providing helpful content?

Google states helpful content is created for a specific audience. Features expertise. Is trustworthy and credible. Meets the want(s) or need(s) of the searcher.

Google’s August 2022 Product Review Update

Google will be releasing their August 2022 Product Review Update in the next coming weeks, after the helpful content update.

The Product Review Update could surface more quality/helpful reviews in Search results

Google Search Console’s Video Indexing Report is Live 

Google has officially launched the video indexing report to help users understand how their videos perform in search. Users can find the report in ‘Pages’.

NEW Shopping Checkout Process on Pinterest

Pinterest has started rolling out a hosted checkout experience for merchants.

By removing several steps in their checkout process, Pinterest has made it even easier for customers to buy from Pins.

NEW YouTube Podcast Section

YouTube is making it easier to find relevant podcasts with the launch of a dedicated podcast homepage.

Users can access podcasts on the platform via the “Explore” page.

LinkedIn’s 20 Most Popular Courses Are Now FREE

LinkedIn Learning’s 20 Most Popular Courses are now FREE.

These courses are only free until 31 August 2022.

You can access these courses via The 20 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses of the Year blog.

TikTok Tests a ‘Nearby’ Content Feed

TikTok has confirmed they are testing a new ‘Nearby’ content feed to potentially show users content in their current location.

If the ‘nearby’ test becomes a new feature, it can be a great opportunity for businesses to attract potential customers close by.

Find ‘Popular on Twitter’ in Google Search

Google tests the ‘Popular on Twitter‘ tweet display panel in Search results.

The ‘Popular on Twitter’ could encourage users to answer their Google Search queries via verified tweets.

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