What happened to Google My Business?  

11 May, 2022

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Google My Business versus Google Business Profile

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TLDR: Google My Business has been rebranded as Google Business Profile, but with new features. The Google My Business App will be replaced by the Google Maps App.

Google My Business still exists. However, it is now known as Google Business Profile and has some brand-new features.

In 2021, Google announced their Google My Business product would be rebranded to Google Business Profile.

The change started to roll out in November 2021, with the most recent update in April 2022 announcing the retirement of the Google My Business App.

But how does this all impact business owners?

In short, it means more work for business owners, but with some good benefits of doing so.

This is what you need to know.

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Is Google Business Profile the same as Google My Business? 

Google Business Profile (GBP) plays the same role as Google My Business (GMB), but better.

Your profile (if optimised) will still show in the local results on Google Search, as well as on Google Maps. So, you can see why it’s important to have one and to optimise your Google profile to ensure you show up as close to the top as possible for people searching for your business, products and services.

As mentioned, Google started rebranding Google My Business to Google Business Profile in November 2021. In late 2021-early 2022, we started to see the name change rolling out and some new features being tested outside of Australia.

The name change is to better reflect the purpose of the product and what it can do for businesses. It also comes as the platform receives new features to better fulfil said purpose.

NEW features coming to Google Business Profile: 

Google Guarantee Tick 

Businesses with a Google Business Profile will soon start to be considered for a Green Tick Badge, called the Google Guarantee.

What happens is, Google manually looks at your Google Business Profile and your online presence, and if the information is all the same and ensure you can give potential customers peace of mind if they were to come to you. If yes, they then give you a screening call to ensure you are in fact legitimate. Then, you will receive this tick.

The tick helps people see you are a legitimate business who information certified by Google as being correct. It will help you stand out from the crowd.

New Features in Beta Testing

Google is testing some new Google Business Profile features overseas, such as some different display and category options. Learn more about the Google Guarantee Tick and some of the other new features on the Help Me Grow My Business podcast.

What happened to the Google My Business App? 

As of July 2022, the Google My Business mobile app will be replaced by the Google Maps Apps.

Businesses will be able to manage their Business Profile from both the Google Maps App and in Search, providing a quicker access point to update your information.

What do businesses need to do now? 

Now is the time to optimise your Google Business Profile. At a minimum, you want to ensure your business information is accurate and consistent, you’re in the right categories and you’re posting both posts and photos regularly.

Now, if you want more results from your Google Business Profile, Localsearch can help. Request a free Google Business Profile audit to get started.

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