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Reize Rothmann Designer

UX design and website conversions… is there a link?

Sarah and Katrina chat with Lead UX-UI Designer Rieze Rothmann about the psychology behind website Design. Read how to make your website user-friendly for future customers via The Help Me Grow My Business Podcast transcript.

Help Me Grow My Business

Part 2: Save Your Website Rankings & Business with Mike Andrew

Mike Andrew returns with the latest changes to the Google Page Experience Update. In Part 2, we talk about how your website may already be impacted and what to do to check if it has. Worst comes to worst and you have been affected, we have tips for that too.

Jake Ellis Podcast Episode

Podcast Recap: Is your business prepared to go viral?

This is everything you need to know about how to prepare your business for entering the public eye. Going viral can happen overnight, so it’s important for your business to be prepared for what could happen. We thought there was no better person to guide you through this process than Digital Marketing Specialist and Bachelor star, Jake Ellis.

SEO Podcast

NEW Info on the Google Page Experience Update

So, it turns out the Google Page Experience Update has already rolled out and has changed how it’s affecting websites. To help you save your rankings, Mike Andrew is back with a Part 2 on The Help Me Grow my Business Podcast.

Podcast playing on phone

Podcast Recap: Getting Started with Facebook Ads

This is your checklist of how to get started with Facebook Ads, even if you haven’t enlisted the help of a Facebook specialist just yet. Learn from Localsearch’s Senior Paid Social Strategist, Myles Hart, on Episode 3 of the Help Me Grow My Business Podcast.

Blogging Podcast

Podcast Recap: Blogging Made Easy

Here is your blogging made easy checklist, from episode two of the Help Me Grow My Business Podcast. Learn how to still reap the many benefits of blogging, even as a busy business owner from content wizard, Sarah Russo.

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