The Dos & Don’ts for Working with an Australian Web Design Service

21 February, 2019

10 mins read

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These days, a website is one of the most crucial tools you can have in your marketing and sales arsenal. As we know, ‘free’ website builders can actually end up costing you more. And while the upfront cost* of a professional web design can be confronting, the long-term return is well worth it.

62% of consumers say they’ll not consider a business if they can’t find them online. (2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report)

However, many businesses are wasting their money by not utilising their web design service to the max. We’ve put together some dos and dont’s for working with an Australian web design service to help you get the most from your money and your web builder.

*Note: Localsearch website packages can be paid off over 10 months so you get the best on any budget.

Do: Give your web designer some creative freedom.

A web designer has normally undergone years of technical and graphic design experience. These days, it also means knowing how to optimise a web design for user experience, which plays a massive part in how your website appears in search engine results.

Web design ideas

While it’s good for every business to have a list of things they definitely want and do not want on their website, it’s important to let the designer do their job too. Afterall, you have paid them to do a professional task.

However, giving them creative freedom doesn’t mean losing control of how your website will look. The next few steps will help you create a good partnership with your web designer.

Don’t: Wait to communicate what you do and don’t want for your web design.

It’s very common for busy business owners to just leave their web designer to it, just to find the first version they’re shown is nothing like what they envisioned. Not only is this a waste of time for getting your website complete, it’s frustrating for everyone involved.

Every business conducts their pre-design process differently. At Localsearch, we have an interview-style process where we ask the business to select a theme and about their business. The theme will give the designer an idea of how you’d generally like your website to look, and if you want a text or image heavy website, or a balance of both.

We also ask for some examples of websites you do and don’t like. It helps immensely if you let us know specifically what you love and hate for your provided examples.

Tips for your pre-web design interview:

  • Provide a list of your brand colours, logos and images (images can be provided by Localsearch).
  • Advise if you will be providing content as this can alter your web design layout to accommodate how much space is required.
  • Choose a website theme you like the navigation and general look of, but advise of anything you don’t like about it.
Web design drafts

Do: Be realistic with your expectations.

Imagine you own a fruit shop. You’re selling delicious apples for 30 cents each, which cost you 25 cents each to source and have delivered. One day, Bob comes in asking for 20 apples but he only has $1. What would you do?

When you’re building a website, you definitely get what you pay for. If you want a completely unique website with custom-designed assets and all these cool functions, you’re going to have to invest in the design. Don’t get us wrong; you can create an amazing website on a tight budget (specially with our pay-over-10-month plans) but you need to keep in mind what you want to achieve.

Another thing to be aware of is actively listening to your web designer, developer and content writers’ advice. Sometimes something has been done to better your search engine results or for user experience. As long as you’ve discussed your list of wants and definitely-do-not-wants, this should be already taken care.

It’s also important you’re prompt with your feedback to help keep the build on track.

Client web design feedback

Don’t: Believe a good website can be built in a day.

Building a website is just like building a city. You have to establish the ground to build (the hosting), design the layout, lay the foundation (the backend to make it run), add infrastructure (what you see online) and then plan parks and pretty things (what makes customers engage more). This takes time. And rushing it could impact the results.

When you select a web design service, ask for a timeline of the workflow. A Localsearch website package can include all your web and email hosting, design, content, development, security and support. Before we start, you’ll be advised of when to expect what progress and how soon we’ll require your feedback.

Client and web designer relationship


Your web designer is invested in ensuring your website works for you. By looking at your investment with them as a partnership, the experience will be easier and more rewarding for you.

Localsearch website packages start from as little as $349 a month (over 10 months + GST) so you can get the site of your dreams on any budget. We even have local consultants to come and meet with you to discuss exactly what you want to achieve. Explore our website packages or get in touch with us today.

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