Podcast Recap: Is your business prepared to go viral?

18 June, 2021

4 mins read

Jake Ellis Podcast Episode

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On episode 5 of the Help Me Grow My Business podcast, Katrina and Sarah speak to Localsearch’s resident socialite and Digital Marketing Specialist, Jake Ellis. They chat about everything from Jake’s time in the spotlight, to how to prepare your business for the public eye. 

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3 Things Businesses Need to Do Before They Enter the Public Eye

1. Check your social media.

Check out your own business online. We’re all guilty of stalking people on social media. Well, it’s time to take the same approach for your business. However people have found their way to your business page, you need to make sure they’re impressed when they get there — there is nothing worse than an empty profile. 

To ensure your business is ready for the public eye, be sure to:

  1. Post regularly and encourage engagement with relevant call to actions.
  2. Create content which reflects your business values and supports your goals.

2. Ensure your branding is consistent.

Consistent branding is very important to your business. Even details which you may consider minor, such as opening hours and phone numbers, are integral to online success. Ensure your details are the same across all platforms, this includes contact details, opening hours, website links and even your logo. Keeping all these elements in sync can help avoid consumer confusion. 

When checking for brand consistency, ensure the following details are the same across all public facing platforms: 

  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • Address.
  • Website links. 
  • Social media links. 
  • Opening hours.

3.  Take a look at your shop front.

Treat your online presence like your brick and mortar shop front —are you happy with it? Does it need a bit of a tidy-up, a new website or logo perhaps? This principle also applies to your actual physical presence. Like your social media, when your brand hits the public eye you want your shop front to look presentable and on trend.   


Want help tidying up your online presence? Get in touch with Localsearch to find out how digital marketing can help you.

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