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Google Threat to Pull Search Engine From Australia Could Kill Businesses

Google has threatened they will shut off their search engine to Australia if the Australian Government progresses with the media code draft. The Australian Government has said they will not respond to threats and if Google wants to be in Australia, they need to comply with their requirements. But it could kill Australian businesses. Here’s why…

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Okay Google, why is voice search so important in 2021?

Voice search is more popular than ever! But what does that mean for your digital marketing? We’ve covered the ways to optimise your website for voice search and our prediction on where voice search is heading.

SEO Specialist Caylee Pharoah

Day in the Life of an SEO Specialist 2021

What does an SEO specialist do? How can they help grow your business? We asked our Head of SEO Fulfillment, Caylee Pharoah, to walk us through a day in her work-life to find out exactly that.

2021 Australian Marketing Trends

2021 Australian Marketing Trend Report

Check out the 2021 Australian Marketing Trend Report, with the top 5 marketing activities you need to be doing, recommended by Localsearch’s Head of Digital & Growth, Adam Boote.

Google Core Update December 2020

Google December 2020 Core Update Rolling Out Now

On Friday, 4 December 2020, Google announced a the first major Core Update since May 2020. This could be a game-changer for many websites. If you notice a change in your traffic, this is what you need to do.

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