NEW IG Features, Google Algorithm Updates & More

19 August, 2022

6 mins read

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Instagram has released a collection of new features for Reels to enable scheduling, crossposting and more!

Plus, read about the latest Google algorithm updates to ensure more accurate results.

This week’s business, tech and marketing news includes:

  • Recent Google Algorithm Changes 
  • Meta’s Latest Tests for Small Business Advertising 
  • Meta Reels Scheduling Now Available 
  • YouTube Shorts Latest Feature Test 
  • NEW Templates for LinkedIn Posts 
  • Latest Instagram Reel Features 
  • TikTok Launches Shopping Ads 
  • Messenger End-to-End Encryption Tests 

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 15 August to 19 August

Recent Google Algorithm Changes 

Google’s AI system, Multitask Unified Model (MUM), can now double-check stated facts and claims to ensure more accurate results.

Some of the key takeaways from the MUM update:

  • The system continues to improve on understanding when a featured snippet doesn’t provide relevant context.
  • Google has reduced the appearance of featured snippets by 40% (in particular cases) to help improve immediate answers.
  • Google is working on providing users with more context around why they reached certain results.

Meta’s Latest Tests for Small Business Advertising

Meta is working on more ways to make small business advertising a whole lot easier with AI and automation tools.

These new tools can be found via Meta Advantage+ which catalogues ads via machine learning for businesses that produce a large volume of ads.

Meta Reels Scheduling Now Available

Meta users can now schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels via the Creator Studio App. 

Creators and small businesses rejoice with the new ability to maximise audience response by scheduling Instagram/Facebook Reels at peak times.

YouTube Shorts Latest Feature Test 

YouTube Shorts are currently testing comment stickers on iOS allowing users to comment on Shorts using videos.

YouTube is also adding more features including:

  • Shorts watermark when downloading a video.
  • Google Maps displays links in video descriptions.
  • Personalised analytics insights.
  • Ability to edit channel name, banner, avatar and description in YouTube Studio on mobile.

NEW Templates for LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn has added a new template option for posts to help creators maximise engagement in the app. 

Latest Instagram Reel Features

Instagram has launched three new Reel features including:

  • IG-to-FB crossposting.
  • ‘Add Yours’ sticker.
  • Facebook Reel insights.

Messenger End-to-End Encryption Tests 

Additional privacy tests for Messenger are underway to align with future plans of enabling end-to-end encryption as a default feature for greater security and privacy.

Want to know how to begin an encrypted chat?

  • Select Chats in the bottom menu, in your Messenger mobile app.
  • Tap on the Edit icon in the upper right (it looks like a pen).
  • Toggle on the lock icon in the top right.
  • Select the name of the person you want to chat with.

Note: Some accounts you can’t chat with end-to-end encryption e.g. public figures

TikTok Launches Shopping Ads

TikTok’s latest Shopping Ads tool is for businesses to promote their products via Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads and LIVE Shopping Ads.

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