Instagram Halts Full-Screen Mode, YouTube Shorts Editor & More 

5 August, 2022

6 mins read

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Instagram has put its TikTok-like updates on hold due to a massive backlash from over 225k people.

YouTube has released an exciting new feature allowing creators to edit their long-form videos into Shorts.

In other business and marketing news from this week: 

  • NEW Real-Time Pinterest Analytics for Mobile
  • Instagram Confirms Holding off on TikTok-Like Updates
  • Twitter’s Soon-to-be-Released ‘Pin Reply’ Option
  • NEW YouTube Feature ‘Edit into a Short’
  • NEW Pinterest App ‘Shuffles’ Makes Debut
  • Latest Google Tag Update
  • LinkedIn Publishes New Framework for Events
  • Facebook Shuts Down Live Shopping

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This Week’s Marketing & News Highlights — 1 August to 5 August

NEW Real-Time Pinterest Analytics for Mobile

Pinterest users can now access real-time analytics for their Pins via the mobile app.

The team at Pinterest are urging users to update their mobile app to ensure they can use the new tool.

Real-time Pin analytics are currently available in web analytics. However, having the tool on your mobile will make it easier to access data on the go.

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Instagram Confirms Holding Off on TikTok-Like Updates

Instagram suspends full-screen format testing and reduces AI-recommended posts.

So, why is Instagram putting the feature they have been warning us for months about on hold?

Turns out the people have spoken, more specifically celebrity influence from Kylie Jenner’s ‘Make Instagram Instagram Again’ petition.

That petition, with over 225k supporters, has asked Instagram to:

  • Bring back the chronological timeline.
  • Stop trying to be TikTok.
  • Favour photos in the main display.
  • Listen to creators.

The full-screen mode update still seems to be happening in the future, it is only a matter of when.

Twitter’s Soon-to-Release ‘Pin Reply’ Option

Twitter is close to launching its Pin Reply option for users to showcase their favourite replies to a tweet.

The option will enable you to highlight notable replies to your tweets.

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NEW YouTube Feature ‘Edit into a Short’

YouTube now allows creators to cut their long-form videos into Shorts, taking up to 60 seconds from their existing videos.

So, how do I edit my YouTube videos into Shorts?

Creators can now easily edit their long-form videos with the ‘Edit into a Short’ option found under the create tab.

NEW Pinterest App ‘Shuffles’ Makes Debut

Pinterest has quietly launched a new iOS Shuffles by Pinterest app for collage-making and mood boards.

Pinterest brings a new Shuffles photo for collage-making and mood boards. People can join an exclusive waitlist to access the app in the Apple App Store.

Latest Google Tag Update

Google is adding a new Google tag update enabling marketers to utilise a single, reusable tag, minimising coding time.

  • Central management for Ads & Analytics.
  • Merge data from different tags (GA4 <> Ads).
  • No-code tracking on-page events.

LinkedIn Publishes New Framework for Events

LinkedIn publishes a new Framework for Events to help businesses map out their events strategy.

Access the LinkedIn Event Resource Toolkit.

Facebook Shuts Down Live Shopping

Facebook has shut down its live commerce push which may reflect broader disinterest in Live Shopping.

Facebook Live Shopping feature will officially shut down on 1 October 2022 to focus on Reels on Facebook and Instagram.

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