NEW Algorithm-Free IG Feed, .au Domain Names Coming Soon & More

28 March, 2022

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The people spoke and Instagram listened! The social media platform, Instagram, has released an addition algorithm-free feed. Also from this week’s business news, small businesses are now getting the opportunity to join a waitlist for a .au domain namespace.

In this week’s business and marketing news, we also saw:

  • Meta partners with Zefr.
  • LinkedIn launches a new job requirement tool.
  • Google Ads Editor Version 2.0.
  • Instagram tests scheduled sticker reminders.
  • 2021 saw $109M lost to crypto scams.
  • Google links Merchant Center with Google Analytics 4. 
  • Meta consolidates their automation tools under Meta Advantage. 
  • Instagram rolls out an algorithm-free feed.
  • .au domain names are now available.
  • Google updates product reviews. 

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This Week’s Marketing & Business News Highlights — 21 February 2022 to 25 February 2022

Meta Partners with Zefr to Improve Ad Placement

Meta has partnered with brand suitability platform Zefr to help ensure Facebook Ads don’t appear alongside potentially offensive material.

Meta has now joined the collection of tech giants, such as Youtube and TikTok, to partner with the brand suitability platform.

Meta has additionally stated over the course of the next year they are planning to expand placement coverage to include Stories, Reels, Video Feeds, Instagram Explore and other surfaces across Facebook and Instagram.

NEW LinkedIn Job Requirement Tool

LinkedIn’s Future of Skills tool will show users the top skills employers are seeking from candidates. The feature will also provide an analysis of changes in job requirements, direct users to up-skilling resources and more.

LinkedIn users will be able to see requirements for jobs have changed from 2015 to 2021 and a top skill analysis of:

  • How much the top skills have changed.
  • Which of the top skills are new.
  • Which of the top skills are the same.
  • Which of the top skills went up or down in importance.

Google Ads Editor Version 2.0 is here!

The latest update to Google Ad Editor brings more support for Performance Max campaigns, shared audiences, custom actions and action triggers, conversion goals and more. 

The version 2.0 update provides advertisers with more of the Google Ads capabilities they are familiar with, while aligning with the latest Google updates.

Tests for Scheduled Sticker Reminders

Instagram is currently testing a new scheduled sticker for Stories as a reminder for upcoming events. This new feature is a great opportunity to remind your followers about an upcoming product launch, events, Instagram Lives and more.

$109 Million Lost to Crypto Scams in 2021

Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular form of digital payment in Australia. But scams are also on the rise. Find out what you need to know about cryptocurrency and how to identify red flags for potential scams via Cryptocurrency Scams on the Rise as Meta Sued for Fake Ads.

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You Can Now Link Your Merchant Center to Google Analytics 4

With the option to link your Google Merchant Center account with your Google Analytics 4 property now available, you will be able to see conversions from your free property listings.

‘Meta Advantage’ Automation Ad Suite

To help make it easier for users to navigate their ad automation options, Meta has consolidated their automation tools under one new name, Meta Advantage. You will also now find Advantage+, will allow you to automate your flow from start to finish in one handy place.

Meta explains the options in Meta Advantage will be split into two product lines:

“First, there are features marked “Advantage” that allow you to enhance a specific aspect of your manual campaign setup, such as the selected Detailed Targeting options within your target audience. Second, there are products marked “Advantage+” that allow you to automate an entire campaign flow from end-to-end or an entire core step of your manual campaign setup, such as placements or creative.”

.au is Now Available

The priority allocation period has begun for businesses with an existing, or namespace to be able to register for a new ‘.au’ domain namespace. If this is you, check out why you need to register via .au Available in Australia from 24 March 2022. Do you need one?

Algorithm-Free Instagram is Here

Instagram has started rolling out its algorithm-free, chronological feed option to all users. You will soon see two Instagram feed display options, including the traditional feed of the total accounts you follow, plus a new feed of your favourite accounts.

Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update

The Google product reviews update aims to promote review content that provides insightful analysis and original research. If your website offers product review content, you can now check your rankings if any updates were made.

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