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8 September, 2022

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Adding your business to by creating a Localsearch Business Profile is one of the many great ways to increase your online presence. 

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to create a free profile on, as well as how to upgrade your profile to further boost your online presence. 

Who can create a business profile? 

  • Business owners.
  • Employees of a business.
  • An agency managing the business’s online presence.
  • A member of the public who has noticed a business missing.

How to Create a Free Business Profile on 

1. Visit can be accessed via any web browser.

To add a business to, navigate to our home page. 

2. Click Add a Business, located in the top-right corner.

Simply click Add a Business to be redirected to our sign-up form.

3. Sign up to 

Sign up using your email address and a safe password with at least 8 characters. Alternatively, you can sign up using Apple, Google or Facebook by clicking the respective link at the bottom of the form.  

4. Add business information.  

Type your business name and search for relevant industries that describe your business. You can add as many categories and industries as you wish, but we recommend only adding the most relevant industries to your business. Once you have filled in the required information, click “Next”.  

From here, we will show you a list of business profiles that may be your business. If your business is populated in the list, please select your listing, and follow the prompts to verify your listing. 

If you select your business and receive the message that “this listing has been claimed” please reach out to support to get this resolved. 

Finally, if your business is not populated in the list, please follow the prompts to add in your business information, including contact number, email address, website URL and more. 

5. Validate your information. 

When adding your business name, address and phone number on, it’s important that this information is entered exactly the same as it is everywhere else online. 
Your business name, address and phone number are known as your NAP. Google and other search engines use your NAP to verify your business is who is says it is online. So, when it is consistent, it helps your search engine performance by attributing any benefits back to your business, not someone else’s.

6. Finally, verify! 

Once you have entered your business details, the last step to receiving the benefits of being on is to verify your business profile. Simply select the verification method provided and enter the verification code once received.  

And that’s it! Congratulations on taking the next step in boosting your businesses’ digital presence, and welcome to! 

7. How to Upgrade your profile?

Upgrading your business profile to reap the benefits of some of the great features (like posts, photos, reviews management and more) is easy as contacting our team. Call us on 1300 360 867 or submit an enquiry on our contact page. 

Phone: 1300 360 867 


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